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Uranium: This Bull Market Has a Long Way to Run

by Lobo Tiggre
Friday, May 17, 12:00pm, UTC, 2024

Uranium is one of the best-performing commodities over the past few years. But will this last, or is it too late to profit from this trend?

If you’ve been reading my work, you know that uranium plays are some of the few stocks I’m willing to buy today.

Our new free report explains why—and why I think the current correction is a terrific opportunity for anyone who missed the big rally in 2023.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Which proven (NOT theoretical) innovation could greatly increase demand for uranium.
  • A lagging indicator that should excite uranium investors.
  • Which uranium market projections investors should ignore.
  • From Fukushima to the Nuclear Winter Bottom to today—how the uranium market crashed and rebounded since the 2011 tsunami.
  • The surprising safety history of nuclear energy compared to other fuel sources.
  • Country-by-country comparisons of top uranium-producing nations since 2008.
  • Why uranium production fell by 41 million pounds (over 25% of annual production) between 2016 and 2020.
  • How OPEC can help investors better understand the uranium market.
  • Primary vs secondary uranium supply sources.
  • Why the uranium market is opaque and the little-known factors investors must consider.
  • Sprott’s impact on the uranium market.
  • 7 companies that helped drive the uranium market recovery… and how many pounds they might produce annually.
  • Significant impediments to price discovery in the uranium market.
  • How long it will likely take before the uranium market becomes over-supplied.
  • How many nuclear reactors are under construction, planned, or proposed… and how many gigawatts of energy they’re expected to generate.
  • A proposed innovation uranium investors should NOT bet on.
  • Uranium market balance projections through 2040.
  • Why uranium’s slow recovery should excite patient investors.
  • A major challenge faced by the uranium sector (Hint: not the environmentalists).
  • A quirk of nuclear energy requiring end-users to buy more uranium than they actually need.
  • Which uranium market trend ended in 2023 and why investors should be happy.
  • Stupid and smart uranium-related policies of the Trump and Biden administrations.
  • How Uncle Sam is helping uranium investors.
  • Real-world examples of uranium stocks generating 11x and 13x returns in just two years.
  • How Kazatomprom, Sprott, and other big players reacted to the Fukushima meltdown… and how their actions still impact the market today.
  • How SMRs are likely to impact the uranium market.
  • An assessment of supply and demand in the coming years.
  • Why long-term contracts muddy the waters and our expectations moving forward.



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