IsoEnergy has made a terrific, very-high-grade discovery in Canada's prolific Athabasca Basin. I bought in as the drills confirmed the extraordinarily high-grade nature of this Hurricane Zone discovery (even by Athabasca standards, which are very high) and the company became a Success In Progress play. The Hurricane Zone is cut off to the west by a property line—the other side of which is held by Cameco. That makes IsoEnergy a clear takeover target, in my view. All good, but the Hurricane Zone looks to be tapering off in other directions. And Cameco has high-grade mines on mothballs, so they may not be in a hurry to deal with IsoEnergy. So, despite the great discovery, ISO shares may struggle for some time. I decided to book the win and hope for lower entry points before the company can make another big discovery or get taken over.