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Top Energy Mineral Pick Just Got Final Permit—And It’s On Sale for the Wrong Reason

by Lobo Tiggre
Monday, June 25, 03:15pm, UTC, 2018

I made a pledge:

We will never inundate you with high-pressure sales gimmicks.
Our communications will be as low-volume, relevant, and accurate as possible.

So I’m telling you up front that this article is a sales pitch. I hope to persuade people who’ve been thinking about subscribing to go ahead and take the plunge. But I’m not offering an “exclusive” deal, nor creating an artificial deadline, nor promising 1,000% gains.

I’m simply telling you that I see an extraordinary opportunity in the market, right now, which is available to Independent Speculator readers.

Without giving away the information subscribers have paid for, I can tell you this:

  • This company has a large copper project in one of the world’s best mining jurisdictions—which just gave it the final permit it needed to begin construction.
  • My past research shows that the average share price gain on companies that build their first mine is about 100%—and that about 95% of the companies that start building a mine get the job done.
  • I’m very bullish on copper. It’s a critical mineral in the new energy paradigm. And it’s already facing increasing structural supply deficits.
  • The project has low capital requirements and the feasibility study shows an extraordinarily high rate of return. I think the study is a conservative, minimum case.

I like this story a lot, but the key point right now is that stock markets around the world are tanking today—the very same day this company got the green light to build its mine.

The latest round of trade war action has really spooked investors. This project can make money at much lower copper prices if necessary… but I expect the opposite. Apart from near-term volatility, I see all the new energy minerals as win-win bets going forward.

Honestly, the current market retreat could turn into a major meltdown, and the stock I’m talking about could get cheaper in the weeks ahead.

It’s also true that the company just vaulted its biggest hurdle, and, after the market gets over its latest shock, this stock could take surge tomorrow and never look back.

Either outcome is possible. I’m not telling you which way it will go. I am saying that this company just got a lot more valuable, at the same time as its share price got cheaper.

I think that’s an opportunity that will make shareholders money when all is said and done, regardless of what happens in the near term.

Personally, I’m glad I own this stock already, even though subscribers can buy it at a lower price than I did. If I didn’t own it already, I’d be buying today.

If you want to see which company I’m talking about—and everything else I’m buying, and why—please subscribe now, and we’ll get you started.

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If you’re not ready yet or this isn’t for you, please don’t worry. I will not make sales pitches—even frank and open ones like this—often.

I’m only doing this today because I think the opportunity today is exceptional, and all my readers deserve a shot at it.


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