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Back in 2016, I found and documented a market phenomenon that had been largely overlooked until then. The idea was that something known in the industry as the pre-production sweet spot (PPSS) might be a lot sweeter than anyone realized.

Before reporting my findings to my friend and then boss, Doug Casey, I asked him what he thought the average PPSS gains might be. He guessed they might be around 20%.

When I told Doug that the average PPSS gain is on the order of 100%, he was shocked.

And the average of the top five performers was around a 750% gain.

But what’s even more shocking is that while the odds of doubling your money on any given stock are generally not great, the odds of success in the PPSS space are actually quite high.

Of all PPSS cases I’ve now documented, 74% delivered positive returned for shareholders.

Most amazing of all is that even in a bear market, the average gain for all cases is still positive.

When I took my findings to Rick “The Terminator” Rule, he was impressed, but skeptical. Smart man. He handed my ideas over to his own researchers, and later reported to me that he could “find no flaw” in my thesis. Coming from The Terminator, this was high praise. Some years later when our paths crossed at a conference, Rick later told me that he thought my PPSS research is probably the most important work I’ve done in my career.



Back in January of 2017, I wrote an article on my PPSS work for my former employers called, “Hiding in Plain Sight.” For marketing purposes, we called the PPSS the Golden Runway—you may have heard of it under this name.

Since then, I’ve spent three years searching for ways to improve my results speculating in the PPSS space and to predict future top-five performers. I’ve made progress on the former, and I have ideas on the latter that I’m testing now.

And I’m happy to share my research with you, free of charge.

  • What exactly is the PPSS?
  • How does it work?
  • How long does it take?
  • What to look for and what to avoid?
  • When is the best time to buy?

I answer all of these questions in my free Special Report: PPSS: The Lowest Risk Strategy for the Highest Gains I’ve Ever Seen.

You can download this detailed, free report on this page.

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Regardless, I hope you find my PPSS work as valuable as Rick Rule did.





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