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The Independent Speculator is our flagship monthly publication. It delivers actionable ideas, information and analysis via disclosure and discussion of actual investments we make. This is not a theoretical approach to speculation. The trades are real. So is the money we risk. And so is the opportunity for clients to enter the same or similar trades. (Click here to see what professional geologist who joined us on a due diligence trip has to say about our work.)

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Just wanted you to know after we subscribed we put about 4500 to 5K in each of the stocks on the list. That was the first of January 2019. As of today, 8 on the plus side, 2 on the minus. That’s a plus $7352, minus $923, net gain $6428. That is over 4 months. So you paid my subscription for us plus about 5k left over. I guess we will use some of that to buy more of these when they go on sale. Of course I remember my free ride lesson. I thought maybe you would be interested in a real life example. You make us proud to be affiliated with you.

It really is a pleasure to be personally valued as a subscriber. So I am definitely satisfied and very much look forward to another year and more years. I’m a strong believer in the way you treat your customers. Honesty and integrity rock, so rock on, I would say! And again this makes me feel very comfortable knowing how you approach us and alert us. But also the fact of the quick personal responding to questions to help educate me/us.

I want to let you know that working with you has produced great results for my family and I. We like your approach. Keep up the awesome work at providing real honest and accurate info which in turn allows us to make some sound investment decisions. We are grateful there’s some real no bullshit guys out there such as yourself, a commodity that’s hard to find these days. Thanks again.

I really like your newsletter and the way you keep your members informed. I have been taking financial newsletters since Harry Browne, Doug Casey, and yours is the best by far, and that is saying something, because Harry Browne was very good. Doug was alright, especially when you were there. You are doing a good Job, thanks.

[Louis]’s not just an exemplar of virtue—which is critical in the rough and tumble financial business—but is technically excellent on the details of mining and exploration. You want him on your team in the bull market that’s developing.

[…] You earned the right to recommend potential speculations without question. I don’t believe you ever sold out for a company and I’m sure you had plenty of opportunity. In other words, you have proven to me, at least, that you have Integrity, a word I rarely use to describe anybody.

“Louis it’s your integrity. You can see it and how you conduct business and treat others.”

“With Louis I learn and see what’s a «10 Baggers»… it’s real big & fat profit if you can handle the volatility! Un grand merci pour tes excellentes recherches sur le terrain!” 

“Having known and followed his advice for 15 years, I can say that if your goal is to find a trusted, knowledgeable, experienced resource speculator, Louis James is your man.” 

“Louis James turns mining speculating into genuine optimistic retirement hope.” 

I am coming up on my one year anniversary with the Independent Speculator and looking forward to subscribing for a second year. I learn a lot from your commentary, and you have introduced me to many companies for the first time either through your IS portfolio or through My Take. I have selected companies from both lists for investing and for speculation. I was very happy with Continental’s performance, and my profit from this one speculation covered my 2019 subscription and also will pay for most of my 2020 subscription fee. I currently am way up on several other speculations including a 134% gain on a gold explorer. Also, your frank My Take assessment of several companies that I owned for many years helped me finally decide to cut losses and deploy the money elsewhere – I already am seeing the benefits of this action.

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