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Private Placements 101

by Lobo Tiggre
Thursday, January 05, 12:00pm, UTC, 2023

The main ingredient in the wealth-creation formula of the most successful speculators I know is buying into private placements. These often come with warrants that add huge leverage to the upside, with no additional risk.

The bad news is that Big Brother says private placements are only for high-net-worth, accredited investors.

The good news is that, whether or not one is accredited, private placements usually create buying opportunities for everyone.



What do we need to do to benefit?

I can tell you, but the answer is longer than what I usually provide in my regular articles. And, this is an evergreen topic, always of interest. That’s why I’ve written a Special Report on private placements, which I’m offering to the public for free.

If you’re not already deeply familiar with the subject, I strongly encourage you to download this free report, so you too can apply this key wealth-building strategy used by the pros.



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Regardless, I hope you find my free report on private placements valuable.

You’ll learn:

  • 11 key things to know about private placements.
  • How private placements can go wrong.
  • Why some investors get blacklisted from private placement offerings.
  • A real-world case study comparing the rate of return for private placement investors and everyone else.
  • What I personally consider to be generous and attractive terms.
  • The minimum holding period investors ought to consider.
  • The minimum holding period I’m willing to consider.
  • My personal definition of a “reasonably low” exercise price.
  • The maximum exercise price I’m willing to consider.
  • The maximum exercise price investors ought to consider.
  • Why great terms rarely make for a great investment.
  • A specific clause in a private placement contract that can ruin an attractive opportunity.
  • The ideal (“Goldilocks”) timetable for exercising warrants.
  • How non-accredited investors can benefit from private placements.
  • An expectation investors should have for management.
  • How to determine if dilution is worth the price.
  • The condition that can make my interest shift from mildly curious to very keen.
  • An ideal track record for a company seeking to raise money with a private placement.

Again, if you’re interested, please register via the free newsletter opt-in box below to download our free report.

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