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Nickel’s Back In the Headlines—But Is It Time to Buy?

by Lobo Tiggre
Friday, December 09, 12:00pm, UTC, 2022

Nickel’s Back In the Headlines—But Is It Time to Buy?

Pop quiz.

Is the world really about to run out of nickel?

Was the incredible spike in nickel prices last March a sign of things to come? Or a one-off short squeeze that doesn’t define the market?

Investors would be well served to research these questions before deciding if now is the time to buy into nickel plays before it shoots back up again.

Superficially, the bullish case for nickel makes sense; demand for batteries is going nowhere but up.

Tesla is one of the world’s biggest companies by market cap. Its success has inspired the launch of other 100% electric vehicle companies, such as Rivian—itself a multi-billion-dollar company.

The entire automotive industry has shifted. There’s now an electric version of Ford’s F150—the world’s best-selling pickup truck. Once the poster child for gas-guzzling wastefulness, the new Hummer is electric. Virtually every legacy auto manufacturer now offers a few electric vehicles and/or hybrids. Some are switching over entirely.

Government regulations and emission standards are the main causes of the shift toward electric vehicles. They’re only getting stricter:

  • The Biden administration seeks to electrify half of the US auto fleet by 2030.
  • California seeks 100% zero-emission new car sales  by 2035.
  • The EU plans to ban sales of new cars with internal combustion engines by 2035.

It seems like nickel plays are set to skyrocket. But my team and I have dug in to the nickel story to answer the questions posed above.

We discovered a lot of misconceptions out there—and perhaps not a little disinformation—so our answers may surprise you.

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