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Live Q&A with Lobo Tiggre

by Lobo Tiggre
Monday, March 09, 12:00pm, UTC, 2020

Just on time for the accelerating market meltdown, I answered dozens of questions from viewers about what's going on, and what we can do about it. I reiterated my "go to cash, wait for the smash" guidance. I covered gold and silver, of course, as well as uranium, oil, coal, industrial minerals, battery metals, and much more. There are detailed timestamps below, so you can find what interests you the most, without having to listen to the entire two-hour session (after which my voice ran out). I generally dislike making predictions, but so far, my analysis was spot on, and much of this guidance is highly relevant to what's happening in markets now.



This lively Q&A session covered todays' wild markets and many important topics:

00:00:00 Welcome.

00:00:15 Beware of people making grand market predictions.

00:02:30 COVID-19 and why we must think about what’s happening.

00:07:10 The facts before us are bullish for gold and silver.

00:09:40 Gold and Gold Stocks are different.

00:12:00 When will it be time to buy gold and silver stocks?

00:15:38 Uranium is different.

00:17:00 Forget about the NFWG.

00:18:15 Other commodities in general, copper, oil.

00:19:20 My gut is that what’s ahead will be more like 2008 than 2018.

00:22:15 The Pre-Production Sweet Spot (What’s wrong with X Co?)

00:26:25 What’s my take on coal and shipping today?

00:29:55 Is that Doug Casey looking over my shoulder?

00:30:30 Any specific effects of COVID-19 fears on uranium?

00:31:40 Some uranium stocks were up while markets were falling.

00:33:20 When does uranium turn up again?

00:34:00 Thoughts on Bio-Tech?

00:35:45 It’s hard to trust experts… and it should be.

00:37:10 What about researchers working on vaccines?

00:38:20 What do I think of Area Plays (Lower Quebec)?

00:41:50 What happens to gold stocks when the economy tanks?

00:42:00 Lessons from 2008 for gold stock speculators.

00:45:10 How to interpret drill results in press releases?

00:46:25 Benefits of The Independent Speculator.

00:47:15 How do we identify potential 10-baggers or 100-baggers?

00:51:00 Prospect generators are a must for 10-bagger hunters.

00:53:00 The Buy If You Dare List.

00:54:40 Was PDAC affected by the COVID-19 scare?

00:56:10 What happens to explorers during a downturn?

00:58:30 Is silver getting hurt by Chinese selling?

00:59:30 Why is silver underperforming? (I love silver!)

01:02:10 What do share counts tell us and how important is that?

01:07:35 I will answer more questions in the _Speculator’s Digest_.

01:08:45 What’s happening now is unprecedented… ?

01:11:15 What’s up with the EV story and related minerals?

01:15:10 What do the differences between 2008 and 2018 tell us about now?

01:17:35 It’s very different for gold and silver this time.

01:20:40 How much skin should management have in the game?

01:23:55 How important are prospect generators’ royalties?

01:25:40 My take on the royalty company space.

01:27:05 The Go To List.

01:28:40 How many stocks to buy, and how big should the positions be?

01:35:00 My take on market manipulation.

01:38:35 Impact of ETFs on gold and the resource sector.

01:40:45 Are the junior royalty companies riskier?

01:42:15 My take on vanadium.

01:47:05 Private placements.

01:51:45 Do I speak Russian?

01:51:55 What about oil?

01:57:20 Wrap up.


There are a few spotty patches in the first 15 minutes of the recording. We apologize for the lack of clarity.

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