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Live Q&A Sessions Covers Key Topics for Resource Investors Today

by Lobo Tiggre
Saturday, August 22, 12:00pm, UTC, 2020

Thanks to important questions on current topics asked by our readers, we had a fantastic 2.5-hour Q&A session that covered many things on resource investors’ minds today. It was like a jam session touching lots of ideas it would take me months to cover in separate Speculator’s Digest posts.

If you missed it, I strongly encourage you to listen to the recording, or the parts of it covering the topics that interest you the most. (Timestamps below.)

A big thank you to all who participated, making it such a valuable conversation.


00:00:00 — Welcome.
00:00:20 — Will markets melt down again? When? How to invest?
00:07:45 — What percentage odds would I put on a meltdown?
00:09:25 — How to avoid losses/average down in a meltdown? (Upside Maximizer)
00:14:45 — Uranium, what will trigger the next rally? Should we wait for a meltdown to buy?
00:20:25 — Would I put a stop loss on uranium stocks?
00:23:00 — What about put options for going long in case of a big correction?
00:26:15 — Will allocation to gold go back to historical averages, and what will that do to gold stocks?
00:30:20 — What about greater allocation to silver?
00:33:20 — Comments on the merger between EVM and REN, which are covered in My Take.
00:37:00 — How does one actually participate in a private placement?
00:41:55 — Will gold go much lower? Is it time to buy?
00:46:55 — Potential pitfalls in takeovers.
00:52:30 — Market manipulation, JP Morgan
00:56:50 — New to gold and silver, which stocks to buy? When?
01:03:40 — Do my takes on companies change? How do readers know what my current take is?
01:07:00 — Would I form a company for investing in resource stocks?
01:11:20 — Setting up a Canadian entity for participating in Canadian private placements can be valuable.
01:12:00 — What defines a junior, mid-tier, or major mining company?
01:15:45 — Can gold really be mined on asteroids? Or any metals?
01:20:10 — Does platinum count as an un-loved contrarian play? (And could my takes come out more frequently?)
01:28:00 — Do I ever revise my negative takes in light of new results? Or higher gold prices?
01:32:45 — Should My Take have a third category, besides thumbs-up and down? (Poll results: 2 in favor, 10 against.)
01:35:35 — My “conservative" approach to speculation.
01:40:15 — What percentage of a portfolio should be in natural resource speculations?
01:43:15 — I’m actually quite bullish on great tech companies...
01:45:40 — Am I pursuing a medium risk management strategy? Is another silver mania in the works? And if so, would higher-risk speculation not be justified?
01:56:35 — The next big market correction or meltdown will likely hit gold as well—temporarily.
01:58:10 — How will I use stops in the next big correction?
02:01:45 — How will I choose and execute entry points in the next big correction?
02:09:30 — If I got stopped out of big wins in gold and silver, would I rotate into uranium?
02:10:20 — What happens to those massively short gold in this environment?
02:12:35 — Is it safe in Puerto Rico?
02:17:30 — Some things on our website are hard to find...
02:19:35 — More adventures of Spreadsheet Guy
02:22:15 — Thank you!







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