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Jake Ducey Asks About the Best Speculations in a Faltering Economy

by Lobo Tiggre
Saturday, June 19, 04:00pm, UTC, 2021

Jake framed this I Love Prosperity interview in the context of the global economy coming apart. He may be right, but The Powers That Be have kicked that can down the road more times than I once thought possible, so I’m not ready to say that this is the proverbial IT. But I do expect stagflation ahead—and it’s fair to ask if today’s economy can handle that. What might trigger a bigger breakdown? And how does an economy escape stagflation anyway? Would a “digital dollar” help? Why aren’t gold prices doing what they “should” in such a macro environment? What about the “other yellow metal,” uranium? Jake being Jake, of course he had to wrap up by asking me for some price predictions. This was a fun interview, and, I hope, a valuable one as well.



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