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IV: Lyn Alden, Founder, LynAlden.com

by Lobo Tiggre
Friday, May 28, 06:00pm, UTC, 2021

Lyn Alden seems to have appeared almost out of nowhere, suddenly permeating media channels I monitor. And every time, her analysis seems logical, based on solid data, and presented in a reasonable, no-hype manner. This makes her an analyst to watch, so I was delighted to have a chance to sit down with her and get her thoughts on almost all the main trends that dominate my own thinking these days.

We covered:

·      Lyn’s background, methodology.

·      Use of models, need for reality checks.

·      Use of forecasts.

·      Why inflation is beating deflation—and is it “transitory”?

·      Will good news ever be good again in a Fed-driven market?

·      Lyn’s outlook for gold (would she buy today).

·      Lyn’s outlook for silver—how is it different from gold?

·      Lyn’s outlook on energy, oil vs. gas, uranium.

·      Lyn’s outlook on energy metals: copper, nickel, lithium, others.

·      Lyn’s outlook on PGMs.

·      What company types does a macro investor like Lyn invest in?

·      Lyn’s take on technical analysis.

·      Is Bitcoin a buy now, at $40,000?

·      Lyn’s take on Bitcoin maximalism.

·      Lyn’s take on Ethereum.

·      Lyn’s take on gold-backed cryptos.

·      Lyn’s latest, most important insight.

Obviously, this conversation ran a bit long, but all of Lyn’s answers were insightful and thought-provoking. I could have spent far longer on any of these topics, so maybe we’ll drill down on just one area next time.

Meanwhile, I hope you find Lyn’s Independent View as interesting and useful as I did.



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