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ITP: Kyle Floyd, CEO, Vox Royalty (VOX.V)

by Lobo Tiggre
Wednesday, October 06, 06:00pm, UTC, 2021

Vox Royalty Corp, is an up-and-coming precious metals royalty play, a stock many readers have asked about. I've been to some of the projects on which the company has royalties and have had issues with what management qualifies as "development" assets. Other things have not been clear to me, such as how much of the company's revenue comes from gold and silver, or indeed how they define "precious" minerals at all. So I was glad to get a chance to ask the CEO some very blunt questions. I'm still pondering his answers, but he gets kudos for taking them in stride and answering directly and without evasion.

Note: I don't own this stock and I'm not recommending it. I'm just asking the questions I think any prospective shareholder should ask, since I know many resource speculators are interested in the story.



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