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Investors Can Run, But They Can’t Hide From Political Risk

by Lobo Tiggre
Monday, July 10, 12:00pm, UTC, 2023

The US is still wracked with NIMBY thinking. Mexico and Chile are teetering on the edge of becoming uninvestable. Peru already is… for now. Even Canadian provinces go off the deep end from time to time.

As my friend Doug Casey likes to say about political risk: you can run but you can’t hide.

Avoiding obvious kleptocracies helps, but sometimes lightning strikes in the (previously) best mining jurisdictions.

What’s a resource speculator to do?

I follow a deceptively simple two-step program:

  1. Diversify.
  2. Always stay alert for changes for the worse.

It’s the second part that’s “deceptive.” Easy enough to say, but people often fail to stay alert. Worse, they let past success in a country blind them to deterioration in that jurisdiction.

No arm-twisting with fake discounts and phony deadlines, but if you want help with this, My Take may be just what the Dr. ordered.

With the new edition of My Take, the list of gold, silver, copper, uranium, lithium, nickel, cobalt, rare earth, tin, iron, zinc, graphite, oil, gas, and other resource companies under active coverage has grown to almost 700.

We don’t just report on what these companies say they’re doing, we analyze it, tell you what it means for investors, and what we think shareholders should do.

And we work only for our subscribers—there is no sum a company can pay to get a thumbs-up from us they don’t deserve.

New clients often tell me they had no idea how powerful a tool this service provides… and it only costs $50 to try it out. (Note: this is a recurring monthly subscription, but anyone who decides it’s not for them can cancel before it renews, no hassles, no hard feelings.)

The database of evaluations is updated monthly and it can be sorted by country, metal or commodity, type of company, and other variables.

You could pay more for a one-time report on just a handful of stocks.

And we take subscriber requests for coverage in future editions.

Please scroll down to check out the latest list of companies covered.

Caveat emptor,



My Takes

Note that some software will incorrectly display the ticker symbols below as links. There are no active links on this list. It simply names the stocks we cover.

  1. 1911 Gold (AUMB.V, HAVXF)
  2. A-Cap Energy (ACB.AX)
  3. Abcourt Mines (ABI.V, ABMBF) — NEW
  4. Aben Resources (ABN.V, ABNAF)
  5. Abitibi Royalties (RZZ.V, ATBYF)
  6. AbraSilver (ABRA.V, ABBRF)
  7. Adamera Minerals (ADZ.V, DDNFF)
  8. Adavale Resources (ADD.AX)
  9. Adriatic Metals (ADT1.LSE, ADT.AX, ADMLF)
  10. Adventus Mining (ADZN.V, ADVZF)
  11. Africa Oil (AOI.TO, AOIFF)
  12. African Gold (AGG.V, AGGFF)
  13. Aftermath Silver (AAG.V, AAGFF)
  14. Agnico Eagle (AEM, AEM.TO)
  15. Alamos Gold (AGI, AGI.TO)
  16. Albemarle (ALB)
  17. Aldebaran Resources (ALDE.V, ADBRF)
  18. Alexco Resource Corp. (AXU, AXU.TO)
  19. Alianza Minerals (ANZ.V, TARSF)
  20. Allegiant Gold (AUAU.V, AUXXF)
  21. Alligator Energy (AGE.AX)
  22. Almaden (AAU, AMM.TO)
  23. Almadex Minerals (DEX.V, AAMMF)
  24. Alphamin Resources (AFM.V, AFMJF)
  25. Altaley Mining (ATLY.V, ATLYF)
  26. Altamira Gold (ALTA.V, EQTRF)
  27. Altius Minerals (ALS.TO, ATUSF)
  28. Altus Strategies (ALTS.V, ALTUF)
  29. ALX Resources (AL.V, ALXEF)
  30. Amarillo Gold (AGC.V, ACGBF)
  31. American Creek (AMK.V, ACKRF)
  32. American Lithium (LI.V, LIACF)
  33. American Pacific Mining (USGD.CN, USGDF)
  34. Americas Gold & Silver (USA.TO)
  35. Amerigo Resources (ARG.TO, ARREF)
  36. Amex Exploration (AMX.V, AMXEF)
  37. Anaconda Mining (ANX.TO, ANXGF)
  38. Andean Precious Metals (APM.V, ANPMF)
  39. Anfield Energy (AEC.V, ANLDF)
  40. AngloGold Ashanti (AU)
  41. Anglo Pacific Group (APF.L, APY.TO)
  42. Angold Resources (AAU.V, AAUGF)
  43. Angus Gold (GUS.V, ANGVF)
  44. Apollo Silver (APGO.V, APGOF)
  45. Appia Energy (API.C)
  46. Argonaut Gold (AR.TO, ARNGF)
  47. Arianne Phosphate (DAN.V, DRRSF)
  48. Aris Gold (ARIS.TO, ALLXF)
  49. Arizona Metals (AMC.V, AZMCF)
  50. Arizona Silver (AZS.V, AZASF)
  51. Arizona Sonoran Copper (ASCU.TO, ASCUF)
  52. Artemis Gold (ARTG.V, ARGTF)
  53. Ascot Resources (AOT.V, AOTVF)
  54. Asanko Gold (AKG, AKG.TO)
  55. Aston Bay (BAY.V, ATBHF)
  56. ATAC Resources (ATC.V, ATADF)
  57. Atex Resources (ATX.V, ECRTF)
  58. Atico Mining (ATI.V, ATCMF)
  59. Aura Energy (AEE.AX)
  60. Aurania Resources (ARU.V, AUIAF)
  61. Aurcana (AUN.V, AUNFF)
  62. Aurelius Minerals (AUL.V, AURQF)
  63. Aurion Resources (AU.V, AIRRF)
  64. Auryn Resources (Now Fury Gold)
  65. Avino Silver (ASM, ASM.TO)
  66. Aya Gold and Silver (AYA.TO, MYAGF)
  67. Azarga Metals (AZR.V, EUUNF)
  68. Azarga Uranium (Taken over)
  69. Azimut Exploration (AZM.V, AZMTF)
  70. Azincourt Energy (AAZ.V, AZURF)
  71. Aztec Minerals (AZT.V)
  72. Azucar Minerals (AMZ.V, AXDDF)
  73. Azure Minerals (AZS.AX, AZRMF)
  74. B2Gold (BTG, BTO.TO)
  75. Balmoral Gold (BAR.TO, BALMF)
  76. Bannerman Resources (BMN.AX, BNNLF)
  77. Banyan Gold (BYN.V, BYAGF)
  78. Barksdale Resources (BRO.V, BRKCF)
  79. Barrian Mining (BARI.V)
  80. Barrick Gold (GOLD, ABX.TO)
  81. Baru Gold (BARU.V, EAIAF)
  82. Baselode Energy (FIND.V, BSENF)
  83. Battle North Gold (Taken over)
  84. Bayhorse Silver (BHS.V, KXPLF)
  85. Bear Creek Mining (BCM.V, BCEKF)
  86. Bellevue Gold (BGL.AX, BELGF)
  87. Belo Sun Mining (BSX.TO, VNNHF)
  88. Benchmark Metals (BNCH.V, CYRTF)
  89. Benton Resources (BEX.V, BNTRF)
  90. Berkeley Energia (BKY.AX)
  91. BHP (BHP, BHP.AX)
  92. Big Ridge Gold (BRAU.V, ALVLF)
  93. Blackrock Silver (BRC.V, BKRRF)
  94. Blackstone Minerals (BSX.AX, BLSTF)
  95. Blackwolf Copper and Gold (BWCG.V, BWCGF)
  96. Blue Lagoon Resources (BLLG.C, BLAGF)
  97. Blue Sky Uranium (BSK.V, BKUCF)
  98. Bluestone Resources (BSR.V, BBSRF)
  99. Bonterra Resources (BTR.V, BONXF)
  100. Boss Resources (BOE.AX)
  101. Bravada Gold (BVA.V)
  102. Braveheart Resources (BHT.V, RIINF)
  103. Brigadier Gold (BRG.V, BGADF)
  104. Brixton Metals (BBB.V, BBBXF)
  105. Brunswick Exploration (BRW.V, BRWXF)
  106. Bunker Hill Mining (BNKR.C, BHLL)
  107. Cabral Gold (SBR.V, CBGZF)
  108. Caldas Gold (CGC.V, ALLXF)
  109. Caledonia Mining (CMCL, CMCL.L)
  110. Calibre Mining (CXB.TO, CXBMF)
  111. Callinex (CNX.V, CLLXF)
  112. Cameco (CCJ, CCO.TO)
  113. Canada Nickel (CNC.V, CNIKF)
  114. Canada Silver Cobalt Works (CCW, CCWOF)
  115. Canagold (CCM.TO, CRCUF)
  116. CanAlaska Uranium (CVV.V, CVVUF)
  117. Canasil Resources (CLZ.V)
  118. Capitan Mining (CAPT.V, CAPTF)
  119. Capstone Mining (CS.TO, CSFFF)
  120. Carbon Streaming Corp. (NETZ.NE, OFSTF)
  121. Cartier Resources (ECR.V, ECRFF)
  122. Cassiar Gold (GLDC.V, CGLCF)
  123. Cauldron Energy (CXU.AX)
  124. Centamin PLC (CEY.L, CEE.TO, CELTF)
  125. Centaurus Metals (CTM.AX, CTTZF)
  126. Centerra Gold (CG.TO, CAGDF)
  127. Centrus Energy (LEU)
  128. Cerrado Gold (CERT.V, CRDOF)
  129. Cerro de Pasco Resources (CDPR.C, GPPRF)
  130. CGN Mining (1164.HK, CGNMF)
  131. Chakana Copper (PERU.V, CHKKF)
  132. Champion Iron (CIA.TO, CHPRF)
  133. Chalice Mining (CHN.AX, CGMLF)
  134. Chesapeake Gold (CKG.V, CHPGF)
  135. Chesser Resources (CHZ.AX, CESSF)
  136. Clean Air Metals (AIR.V, CLRMF)
  137. Clean TeQ Holdings (CLQ.AX, CTEQF)
  138. CMC Metals (CMB.V, CMCXF)
  139. Coeur Mining (CDE)
  140. Calibri Resources (CBI.V, CRUCF)
  141. Cobalt Blue (COB.AX, CBBHF)
  142. Collective Mining (CNL.V, CNLMF)
  143. Colorado Mining (CXO.V, CLASF)
  144. Columbus Gold (CGT.TO, CGTFF)
  145. Commerce Resources (CCE.V, CMRZF)
  146. Compass Gold (CVB.V, COGDF)
  147. Condor Gold (CNR.L, COG.TO)
  148. Consolidated Uranium (CUR.V, CURUF)
  149. Constantine Metal Res. (CEM.V, CNSNF)
  150. Contact Gold (C.V)
  151. Contango Ore (CTGO)
  152. Continental Gold (Taken over)
  153. CopAur Minerals (CPAU.V, COPAF)
  154. Copper Mountain (CMMC.TO, CPPMF)
  155. CopperBank (CBK.C, CPPKF)
  156. Coral Gold Resources (Taken over)
  157. Cornerstone Capital (CGP.V, CTNXF)
  158. Corvus Gold (KOR.V, CORVF)
  159. Cosa Resources (COSA.CN, COSAF) — NEW
  160. CNNC International (2302.HKG)
  161. Critical Elements Lithium (CRE.V, CRECF)
  162. Dakota Territory (DTRC)
  163. De Grey Mining (DEG.AX, DGMLF)
  164. Decade Resources (DEC.V, DECXF)
  165. Deep Yellow (DYL.AX, DYLLF)
  166. Defense Metals (DEFN.V, DFMTF)
  167. Defiance Silver (DEF.V, DNCVF)
  168. Denarius Metals (DSLV.V, DNRSF)
  169. Denison Mines (DNN, DML.TO)
  170. Desert Mountain Energy (DME.V, DMEHF)
  171. Detour Gold (DGC.TO, DRGDF)
  172. Discovery Metals (DSV.V, DSVMF)
  173. District Metals (DMX.V, MKVNF)
  174. Dolly Varden Silver (DV.V, DOLLF)
  175. Doré Copper (DCMC.V, DRCMF)
  176. Doubleview Gold (DBG.V, DBLVF)
  177. DRDGOLD (DRD)
  178. Dundee Precious Metals (DPM.TO, DPMLF)
  179. Dynacor Gold (DNG.TO, DNGDF)
  180. E2Gold (ETU.V, ETUGF)
  181. E79 Resources (ESNR.CN, ESVNF)
  182. e-Cobalt Solutions (Taken Over)
  183. Eagle Plains Resources (EPL.V)
  184. East Asia Minerals (Now Baru Gold)
  185. Eastmain Resources (Taken over)
  186. Eclipse Gold Mining (EGLD.V, EGLPF)
  187. Eldorado Gold (EGO, ELD.TO)
  188. Electric Royalties (ELEC.V, ELECF)
  189. Elemental Royalties (ELE.V, ELEMF)
  190. Elevate Uranium (EL8.AX, ELVUF)
  191. Eloro Resources (ELO.V, ELRRF)
  192. Ely Gold Royalties (Taken over)
  193. Emerita Resources (EMO.V, EMOTF)
  194. Empress Royalty (EMPR.V, EMPYF)
  195. EMX Royalty Corp. (EMX, EMX.V)
  196. enCore Energy (EU.V, ENCUF)
  197. Endeavour Mining (EDV.TO, EDVMF)
  198. Endeavour Silver (EXK, EDR.TO)
  199. Enduro Metals (ENDR.V, ENDMF)
  200. ENRG Elements (EEL.AX, EELFF)
  201. Energy Fuels (UUUU, EFR.TO)
  202. Entrée Resources (ETG.TO, ERLFF)
  203. EnviroLeach Technologies (ETI.C, EVLLF)
  204. Equinox Gold (EQX, EQX.TO)
  205. Equity Metals (EQTY.V, NNADF)
  206. Erdene Resources (ERD.TO, ERDCF)
  207. Ero Copper (ERO.TO, ERRPF)
  208. Eskay Mining (ESK.V, ESKYF)
  209. Euro Sun Mining (ESM.TO, DPNFF)
  210. Evergold (EVER.V, EVGUF)
  211. Evolution Mining (EVN.AX, CAHPF)
  212. Evrim Resources (Now Orogen)
  213. Excellon Resources (EXN.TO, EXLLF)
  214. Excelsior Mining (MIN.TO, EXMGF)
  215. Exploits Discovery (NFLD.CN, NFLDF)
  216. Fabled Silver (FCO.V, FBSGF)
  217. Falco Resources (FPC.V, FPRGF)
  218. Falcon Gold (FG.V, FGLDF) — NEW
  219. Filo Mining (FIL.V, FLMMF)
  220. Fiore Gold (F.V, FIOGF)
  221. FireFox Gold (FFOX.V, FFOXF)
  222. Fireweed Zinc (FWZ.V, FWEDF)
  223. First Majestic (AG, FR.TO)
  224. First Mining (FF.V, FFMGF)
  225. First Quantum (FM.TO, FQVLF)
  226. First Tellurium (FTEL.CN, FSTTF)
  227. First Vanadium (FVAN.V, FVANF)
  228. Fission Uranium (FCU.TO, FCUUF)
  229. Fission 3.0 (FUU.V, FISOF)
  230. Foran Mining (FOM.V, FMCXF)
  231. Fortuna Silver Mines (FSM, FVI.TO)
  232. Fortune Bay (FOR.V, FTBYF)
  233. Forum Energy Metals (FMC.V, FDCFF)
  234. Fosterville South (FSX.V, FSXLF)
  235. Forsys Metals (FSY.TO, FOSYF)
  236. Fortitude Gold (FTCO)
  237. FPX Nickel (FPX.V, FPOCF)
  238. Franco-Nevada (FNV, FNV.TO)
  239. Freegold Ventures (EVL.TO, FGOVF)
  240. Freehold Royalties (FRU.TO, FRHLF)
  241. Freeman Gold (FMAN.V, FMANF)
  242. Freeport MxMoRan (FCX)
  243. Fremont Gold (FRE.V, USTDF)
  244. Fresnillo (FRES.LSE, FNLPF)
  245. Frontier Lithium (FL.V, LITOF)
  246. Fury Gold (FURY, FURY.TO)
  247. G Mining (GMIN.V, KANAF)
  248. G2 Goldfields (GTWO.V, GUYGF) — NEW
  249. Galantas Gold (GAL.V, GAL.L, GALKF)
  250. Galiano Gold (GAU, GAU.TO)
  251. Galway Metals (GWM.V)
  252. GAMCO Global Gold… (GGN)
  253. Ganfeng Lithium (1772.HK, GNENF)
  254. Garibaldi Resources (GGI.V, GGIFF)
  255. Gatling Exploration (GTR.V, GATGF)
  256. Gatos Silver (GATO, GATO.TO)
  257. Gazprom (GAZP.ME, OGZD.L, OGZPY)
  258. Generation Mining (GENM.TO, GENMF)
  259. Genesis Metals (GIS.V, GGISF)
  260. Getchell Gold (GTCH.V, GGLDF)
  261. GFG Resources (GFG.V, GFGSF)
  262. Giga Metals (GIGA.V, HNCKF)
  263. Glencore (GLEN.L, GLNCY)
  264. Global Atomic (GLO.TO, GLATF)
  265. Globex Mining (GMX.TO, GLBXF)
  266. GMV Minerals (GMV.V, GMVMF)
  267. GoGold Resources (GGD.TO, GLGDF)
  268. Gold Fields (GFI)
  269. Gold Mountain (GMTN.V)
  270. Gold Resource Corp. (GORO)
  271. Gold Road Resources (GOR.AX, ELKMF)
  272. Gold Royalty Corp. (GROY)
  273. Gold Springs Res. (GRC.TO, GRCAF)
  274. Gold Standard Ventures (GSV, GSV.TO)
  275. Gold Terra (YGT.V, TRXXF)
  276. Gold X Mining (Taken over)
  277. Gold79 (AUU.V, AUSVF)
  278. Goldcliff Resource Corp. (GCN.V, GCFFF)
  279. Golden Arrow (GRG.V, GARWF)
  280. Golden Goliath (GNG.V, GGTHF)
  281. Golden Lake (GLM.CM, GOLXF)
  282. Golden Minerals (AUMN, AUMN.TO)
  283. Golden Tag Resources (GOG.V, GTAGF)
  284. Golden Valley Mines (GZZ.V, GLVMF)
  285. GoldMining (GOLD.TO, GLDLF)
  286. GoldON Resources (GLD.V, NCMBF)
  287. Goldplay Exploration (Now GR Silver)
  288. GoldQuest (GQC.V, GDQMF)
  289. Goldshore Resources (GSHR.V, GSHRF)
  290. Goldsource (GXS.V, GSXFF)
  291. GoldSpot Discoveries (SPOT.V, GDDCF)
  292. Goliath Resources (GOT.V, GGTHF)
  293. GoviEx Uranium (GXU.V, GVXXF)
  294. Gowest Gold (GWA.V, GWSAF) — NEW
  295. GR Silver (GPLY.V)
  296. GCM Mining (GCM.TO, TPRFF)
  297. Granada Gold Mine (GGM.V, GBBFF)
  298. Grande Portage (GPG.V, GPTRF)
  299. Granite Creek Copper (GCX.V, GCXXF)
  300. Great Bear Resources (Taken over)
  301. Great Bear Royalties (GBRR.V, GBRBF)
  302. Great Panther (GPL, GPR.TO)
  303. Great Thunder Gold (GTG.C, GTGFF)
  304. Greatland Gold (GGP.L, GRLGF)
  305. Greenland Minerals (GGG.AX, GDLNF)
  306. Greenland Resources (MOLY.NE, GRLRF)
  307. Group Eleven Resources (ZNG.V, GRLVF)
  308. Group Ten Metals (PGE.V, PGEZF)
  309. GT Gold (Taken over)
  310. Hannan Metals (HAN.V, HANNF)
  311. Harmony Gold (HMY)
  312. Harte Gold (HRT.TO, HRTFF)
  313. Headwater Gold (HWG.CN, HWAUF)
  314. Hecla Mining (HL)
  315. Heliostar Metals (HSTR.V, RGCTF)
  316. Hercules Silver (BIG.V, BADEF)
  317. HighGold Mining (HIGH.V, HGGOF)
  318. HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HIVE.V, HVBTF)
  319. Hochschild Mining (HOC.LSE, HCHDF)
  320. Horizonte Minerals (HZM.LSE, HZM.TO, HZMMF)
  321. Hot Chili (HCH.AX, HHLKF)
  322. Hudbay Minerals (HBM, HBM.TO)
  323. Hummingbird Resources (HUM.L, HUMRF)
  324. Hycroft Mining Holding (HYMC)
  325. i-80 Gold (IAU.TO, IAUCF)
  327. Idaho Champion (ITKO.CN, GLDRF)
  328. Idaho Copper (GTVI)
  329. IGO Ltd. (IGO.AX, IPGDF)
  330. Impact Silver (IPT.V, ISVLF)
  331. Impala Platinum (IMP.JO, IMPUY)
  332. Imperial Mining Group (IPG.V, IMPNF)
  333. Independence Gold (IGO.V, IEGCF)
  334. Integra Resources (ITR.V, IRRZF)
  335. International Tower Hill (THM, ITH.TO)
  336. Ivanhoe Electric (IE, IE.TO)
  337. Irving Resources (IRV.C, IRVRF)
  338. IsoEnergy (ISO.V, ISENF)
  339. Ivanhoe Mines (IVN.TO, IVPAF)
  340. Jaguar Mining (JAG.TO, JAGGF)
  341. Japan Gold (JG.V, JGLDF)
  342. Jervois Mining (JRV.AX, JRV.V, JRVMF)
  343. Josemaria Resources (Being taken over)
  344. K2 Gold (KTO.V, KTGDF)
  345. K92 Mining (KNT.V, KNTNF)
  346. Karora Resources (KRR.TO, KRRGF)
  347. Kazatomprom (KAP.LSE)
  348. Kenorland Minerals (KLD.V, NWRCF)
  349. Kingfisher Metals (KFR.V, KGFMF)
  350. Kinross Gold (KGC)
  351. Kirkland Lake Gold (Taken over)
  352. Klondike Gold (KG.V, KDKGF)
  353. Klondike Silver (KS.V, KLSVF)
  354. Kodiak Copper (KDK.V, KDKCF)
  355. Kootenay Silver (KTN.V, KOOYF)
  356. KORE Mining (KORE.V, KOREF)
  357. Kraken Energy (UUSA.CN, UUSAF)
  358. Kutcho Copper (KC.V, KCCDD)
  359. Kuya Silver (KUYA.C, KUYAF)
  360. Labrador Gold (LAB.V, NKOSF)
  361. Labrador Uranium (LUR.CN, LURAF)
  362. Lara Exploration (LRA.V, LRAXF)
  363. Laramide Resources (LAM.TO, LMRXF)
  364. Leading Edge Materials (LEM.V, LEMIF)
  365. Leagold Mining (Taken Over)
  366. Leocor Gold (LECR.CN, LECRF)
  367. Leviathan Gold (LVX.V, LVXFF)
  368. Libero Copper (LBC.V, LBCMD)
  369. Liberty Gold (LGD.TO, LGDTF)
  370. Lightbridge (LTBR)
  371. Lion One Metals (LIO.V, LOMLF)
  372. Lithium Americas (LAC, LAC.TO)
  373. Livent Corp. (LTHM)
  374. Loncor (LN.TO, LONCF)
  375. Lotus Resources (LOT.AX, LTSRF)
  376. Lucara Diamond (LUC.TO, LUCRF)
  377. Lumina Gold (LUM.V, LMGDF)
  378. Luminex Resources (LMNX)
  379. Lundin Gold (LUG.TO, FTMNF)
  380. Lundin Mining (LUN.TO, LUNMF)
  381. Lynas Rare Earths (LYC.AX, LYSDY)
  382. MacDonald Mines (BMK.V)
  383. MAG Silver (MAG, MAG.TO)
  384. Magna Gold (MGR.V, MGLQF)
  385. Magna Mining (NICU.V, MGMNF)
  386. Mako Mining (MKO.V, MAKOF)
  387. Mandalay Resources (MND.TO, MNDJF)
  388. Mantaro Precious Metals (MNTR.V, MSLVF)
  389. Maple Gold Mines (MGM.V, MGMLF)
  390. Marathon Gold (MOZ.V, MGDPF)
  391. Marimaca Copper (MARI.TO, CROJF)
  392. Maritime Resources (MAE.V, MRTMF)
  393. Matador Mining (MZZ.AX, MZZMF)
  394. Maverix Metals (MMX, MMX.TO)
  395. Mawson Gold (MAW.TO)
  396. Max Resource Corp. (MAX.V, MXROF)
  397. McEwen Mining (MUX, MUX.TO)
  398. Medallion Resources (MDL.V, MLLOF)
  399. Mega Uranium (MGA.TO, MGAFF)
  400. Melkior Resources (MKR.V)
  401. Meridian Mining (MNO.V, MRRDF)
  402. Metal Energy (MERG.V, MEEEF)
  403. Metalla Royalty (MTA.V, MTAFF)
  404. Metallic Minerals (MMG.V, MMNGF)
  405. Metallis Resources (MTS.V, MTLFF)
  406. Metals X (MLX.AX, MLXEF)
  407. Mexican Gold Mining (MEX.V, MEXGF)
  408. Midas Gold (Now Perpetua)
  409. Midland Exploration (MD.V, MIDLF)
  410. Millennial Precious Metals (MPM.V, MLPMF)
  411. Millrock Resources (MRO.V, MLRKF)
  412. Minaurum Gold (MGG.V, MMRGF)
  413. Minco Silver (MSV.TO, MISVF)
  414. Minera Alamos (MAI.V, MAIFF)
  415. Mineral Mountain (MMV.V, MNRLF)
  416. Mineworx Technologies (MWX.V, MWXRF)
  417. Minnova (MCI.V, AGRDF)
  418. Mirasol Resources (MRZ.V, MRZLF)
  419. Mistango River Resources (MIS.CN)
  420. Molten Metals (MOLT.CN, MLTNF)
  421. Monarca Minerals (MMN.V, ORAGF) — NEW
  422. Monarch Gold (MRQ.TO, MRQRF)
  423. Moneta Gold (ME.TO, MEAUF)
  424. Montage Gold (MAU.V)
  425. Monument Mining (MMY.V, MMTMF) — NEW
  426. Mountain Boy Resources (MTB.V, MBYMF)
  427. MP Materials (MP)
  428. Mundoro Capital (MUN.V, MUNMF)
  429. Namibia Critical Metals (NMI.V, NMREF)
  430. Nevada Copper (NCU.TO, NEVDF)
  431. Nevada Exploration (NGE.V, NVDEF)
  432. Nevada King (NKG.V, VKMTF)
  433. New Found Gold (NFG.V)
  434. New Gold (NGD, NGD.TO)
  435. New Pacific Metals (NUAG.V, NUPMF)
  436. New Placer Dome (NGLD.V, NPDCF)
  437. Newcore Gold (NCAU.V, NCAUF)
  438. Newcrest Mining (NCM.AX, NCMGY)
  439. Newmont (NEM, NGT.TO)
  440. NewRange Gold (NRG.V, NRGOF)
  441. NexGen Energy (NXE, NXE.TO)
  442. Nexus Gold (NXS.V, NXXGF)
  443. NGEx Minerals (NGEX.V, NGXXF)
  444. Nighthawk Gold (NHK.TO, MIMZF)
  445. Nomad Royalty (NSR.TO, NSRXF)
  446. North Shore Global Uranium Mining (URNM)
  447. Northern Dynasty (NAK, NDM.TO)
  448. Northern Star Resources (NST.AXV, NESRF)
  449. Northern Superior (SUP.V, NSUPF)
  450. Northern Vertex Mining (Now Elevation)
  451. Northwest Copper (NWST.V, NWCCF)
  452. Nova Minerals (NVA.AX, NVAAF)
  453. Nova Royalty (NOVR.V)
  454. NovaGold Resources (NG, NG.TO)
  455. Novo Resources (NVO.V, NSRPF)
  456. NuLegacy Gold (NUG.V, NULGF)
  457. NuScale Power Corp. (SMR)
  458. NV Gold (NVX.V, NVGLF)
  459. O3 Mining (OIII.V, OQMGF)
  460. OceanaGold (OGC.TO, OCANF)
  461. Omai Gold Mines (OMG.V, OMGGF)
  462. Omineca Mining (ORE.V, ORZCF)
  463. Orca Gold (ORG.V, CANWF)
  464. Orea Mining (OREA.TO, OREAF)
  465. Orex Minerals (REX.V)
  466. Orezone Gold (ORE.V, OCANF)
  467. Orla Mining (OLA.TO)
  468. Oroco Resource Corp. (OCO.V, ORRCF)
  469. Orogen Royalties (OGN.V, OGNRF)
  470. Osino Resources (OSI.V, OSIIF)
  471. Osisko Development (ODV.V, RNGTF)
  472. Osisko Metals (OM.V, OMZNF)
  473. Osisko Mining (OSK.TO, OBNNF)
  474. Osisko Royalty (OR, OR.TO)
  475. Outcrop Gold (OCG.V, MRDDF)
  476. P2 Gold (PGLD.V, CTIMF)
  477. Pacific Ridge Exploration (PEX.V, PEXZF)
  478. Paladin Energy (PDN.AX, PALAF)
  479. Palladium One (PDM.V, NKORF)
  480. Pan American Silver (PAAS, PAAS.TO)
  481. Pan Global Resources (PGZ.V, PGNRF)
  482. Pantheon Resources (PANR.L, PTHRF)
  483. Paramount Gold (PZG)
  484. Patriot Battery Metals (PMET.V, PMT.AX, PMETF)
  485. Peninsula Energy (PEN.AX)
  486. Perpetua Resources (PPTA, PPTA.TO)
  487. Perseus Mining (PRU.TO, PRU.AX, PMNXF)
  488. Pilbara Minerals (PLS.AX, PILBF)
  489. Plateau Energy Metals (PLU.V, PLUUF)
  490. Platinum Group Metals (PLG)
  491. Polymetal (POLY.L)
  492. Polyus (PLZL.ME)
  493. Precipitate Gold (PRG.V, PREIF)
  494. Predictive Discovery (PDI.AX)
  495. Premier Gold (Taken over)
  496. Premium Nickel (PNRL.V, PNRLF)
  497. Pretium Resources (PVG, PVG.TO)
  498. Prime Mining (PRYM.V, PRMNF)
  499. Probe Metals (PRB.V, PROBF)
  500. Prophecy Development (PCY.V, PRPCF)
  501. Prospector Metals (PPP.V, PMCOF)
  502. Prosper Gold (PGX.V, PRGCF)
  503. Provenance Gold (PAU.CN, PVGDF)
  504. Pure Gold (PGM.V, LRTNF)
  505. Purepoint Uranium (PTU.V, PTUUF)
  506. QV Copper and Gold (QCCU.V, QCCUF)
  507. QMX Gold (QMX.V)
  508. Quebec Precious Metals (CJC.V, CJCFF)
  509. QuestEx Gold and Copper (QEX.V)
  510. Queen’s Road Capital (QRC.V, BRSGF)
  511. Radisson Minerals (RDS.V, RMRDF)
  512. Radius Gold (RDU.V, RDUFF)
  513. Ramelius Resources (RMS.AX, RMLRF)
  514. Rare Element Resources (REEMF)
  515. Red Pine (RPX.V, RDEXF)
  516. Regency Silver (RSMX.V, RSMXF)
  517. Regis Resources (RRL.AX, RGRNF)
  518. Regulus Resources (REG.V, RGLSF)
  519. Renaissance Gold (Taken over)
  520. Resolute Mining (RSG.AX, RSG.L, RMGGF)
  521. Reunion Gold (RGD.V, RGDFF)
  522. Revival Gold (RVG.V, RVLGF)
  523. Reyna Silver (RSLV.V, RSNVF)
  524. Ridgeline Minerals (RDG.V, RDGMF)
  525. Riley Gold (RLYG.V, RLYGF)
  526. Rio Tinto (RIO, RIO.L, RIO.AX)
  527. Rio2 (RIO.V, RIOFF)
  528. Rise Gold (RISE.C, RYES)
  529. Riverside Resources (RRI.V, RVSDF)
  530. Rockhaven Resources (RK.V, RKHNFF)
  531. Rokmaster Resources (RKR.V, RKMSF)
  532. RooGold (ROO.CN, JNCCF)
  533. RosCan Gold (ROS.V, RCGCF)
  534. Rover Minerals (ROVR.V, ROVMF)
  535. RoxGold (ROXG.TO, ROGFF)
  536. Royal Gold (RGLD)
  537. Royal Nickel (Now Karora)
  538. Royal Road Minerals (RYR.V, RRDMF)
  539. Rupert Resources (RUP.V, RUPRF)
  540. Sabina Gold and Silver (SBB.TO, SGSVF)
  541. Sable Resources (SAE.V, SBLRF)
  542. Sabre Gold Mines (SGLD.TO, SGLDF)
  543. Sailfish Royalty (FISH, SROYF)
  544. Salazar Resources (SRL.V, SRLZF)
  545. Sandbox Royalties (private)
  546. Sandfire Resources America (SFAFF)
  547. Sandspring Resources (SSP.V)
  548. Sandstorm Gold (SAND, SSL.TO)
  549. Santacruz Silver (SCZ.V)
  550. Scottie Resources (SCOT.V, SCTSF)
  551. Seabridge Gold (SA, SEA.TO)
  552. Serabi Gold (SBI.TO, SRB.L)
  553. Sibanye-Stillwater (SBSW, SSW.JSE)
  554. Sierra Madre Gold & Silver (SM.V, SMDRF)
  555. Sierra Metals (SMT.TO, SMTS)
  556. Sigma Lithium (SGML, SGML.V)
  557. Signature Resources (SGU.V, SGGTF)
  558. Silex Systems (SLX.AX, SILXF)
  559. Silver Bull Resources (SVB.TO, SVBL)
  560. Silver Dollar (SLV.C, SLVDF)
  561. Silver Elephant (ELEF.TO, SILEF)
  562. Silver Hammer (HAMR.CN, HAMRF)
  563. Silver Lake Resources (SLR.AX, SVLKF)
  564. Silver Mines (SVL.AX, SLVMF)
  565. Silver Mountain (AGMR.V, AGMRF)
  566. Silver One Resources (SVE.V, SLVRF)
  567. Silver Predator (SPD.V, SVROF)
  568. Silver Sands (SAND.C)
  569. Silver Spruce Resources (SSE.V)
  570. Silver Tiger (SLVR.V, SLVTF)
  571. Silver Viper (VIPR.V, VIPRF)
  572. Silver X (AGX.V, WRPSF)
  573. Silvercorp (SVM, SVM.TO)
  574. SilverCrest Metals (SILV, SIL.TO)
  575. Sitka Gold (SIG.CN, SITKF)
  576. Skeena Resources (SKE.V, SKREF)
  577. Skyharbour Resources (SYH.V, SYHBF)
  578. Snowline Gold (SGD.CN, SNWGF)
  579. Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile (SQM)
  580. Sokoman Minerals (SIC.V, SICNF)
  581. Solaris Resources (SLS.TO)
  582. SolGold (SOLG.TO, SOLG.L, SLGGF)
  583. Solitario Zinc (XPL, SLR.TO)
  584. South Star Battery Metals (STS.V, STSBF)
  585. Southern Copper (SCCO)
  586. Southern Empire Resources (SMP.V)
  587. Southern Silver (SSV.V, SSVFF)
  588. Sovereign Metals (SVM.AX)
  589. Spanish Mountain Gold (SPA.V, SPAZF)
  590. Sprott, Inc. (SII.TO, SPOXF)
  591. Sprott Lithium Miners ETF (LITP)
  592. Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust (CEF, CEF.TO)
  594. SSR Mining (SSRM, SSRM.TO)
  595. St Barbara (SBM.AX, STBMY)
  596. Standard Lithium (SLI)
  597. Standard Uranium (STND.V)
  598. Star Royalty (STRR.V, STRFF)
  599. Starr Peak Mining (STE.V, STRPF)
  600. Stelmine Canada (STH.V, STHFF)
  601. Steppe Gold (STGO.V)
  602. Sterling Metals (SAG.V, SAGGF)
  603. Strategic Metals (SMD, SMDZF)
  604. StrikePoint Gold (SKP.V, STKXF)
  605. Summa Silver (SSVR.V, SSVRF)
  606. Sun Metals (SUNM.V, SMTTF)
  607. Superior Gold (SGI.V, SUPGF)
  608. Surge Copper (SURG.V, SRGXF)
  609. Taiga Gold (TGC.V, TGCDF)
  610. Talon Metals (TLO.TO, TLOFF)
  611. Tanzanian Gold (TRX, TNX.TO)
  612. Taseko Mines (TGB, TKO.TO)
  613. TDG Gold (TDG.V)
  614. Teck Resources (TECK)
  615. Tectonic Metals (TECT.V, TETOF)
  616. Tellurian (TELL)
  617. Ten Sixty Four (X64.AX, MDSMF)
  618. Teranga Gold (Taken over)
  619. TerraX Minerals (Now Gold Terra)
  620. Teuton Resources (TUO.V, TEUTF)
  621. Texas Mineral Resources (TMRC)
  622. Thesis Gold (TAU.V, THSGF)
  623. Thunderstruck Resources (AWE.V, THURF)
  624. Tier One Silver (TSLV.V, reserved)
  625. Tietto Minerals (TIE.AX)
  626. Timberline Resources (TBR.V, TLRS)
  627. Tinka Resources (TK.V, TKRFF)
  628. TMAC Resources (Taken Over)
  629. Tonogold Resources (TNGL)
  630. Torchlight Energy (TRCH)
  631. Torex Gold (TXG.TO, TORXF)
  632. Toro Energy (TOE.AX, TOEYF)
  633. Torq Resources (TORQ.V, TRBMF)
  634. Transition Metals (XTM.V, TNTMF)
  635. Treasury Metals (TML.TO)
  636. Trigon Metals (TM.V, PNTZF)
  637. Trillion Energy (TCF.C, TCFF)
  638. Trilogy Metals (TMQ, TMQ.TO)
  639. Triple Flag Precious Metals (TFRM.TO, TRFPF)
  640. TriStar Gold (TSG.V, TSGZF)
  641. Triumph Gold (TIG.V, TIGCF)
  642. Troilus Gold (TLG.TO, CHXMF)
  643. Tudor Gold (TUD.V, TDRRF)
  644. Turmalina Metals (TBX.V, TBXXF)
  645. Turquoise Hill (TRQ, TRQ.TO)
  646. U.S. Gold (USAU)
  647. U3O8 (UWE.TO, UWEFF)
  648. Ucore Rare Metals (UCU.V, UURAF)
  649. UEX Corp. (UEX, UEXCF)
  650. Unigold (UGD.V, UGDIF)
  651. Ur-Energy (URG, URE.TO)
  652. Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC)
  653. Uranium Participation Corp. (Taken over)
  654. Uranium Royalty Corp (URC.V, URCCF)
  655. Vale S.A. (VALE)
  656. ValOre Metals (VO.V, KVLQF)
  657. Vangold Mining (VGLD.V)
  658. Vanstar Mining (VSR.V, VMNGF)
  659. Velocity Minerals (VLC.V, VLCJF)
  660. Victoria Gold (VIT.V, VITFF)
  661. Victory Metals (VMX.V)
  662. Vimy Resources (VMY.AX)
  663. Vista Gold (VGZ, NGZ.TO)
  664. Viva Gold (VAU.V, VAUCF)
  665. Vizsla Copper (VCU.V, VCUFF)
  666. Vizsla Silver (VZLA.V, VIZSF)
  667. Vox Royalty (VOX.V, VOXCF)
  668. VR Resources (VRR.V, VRRCF)
  669. Wallbridge Mining (WM.TO, WLBMF)
  670. Wesdome Gold Mines (WDO.TO, WDOFF)
  671. West Africa Resources (WAF.AX, WFRSF)
  672. West Vault Mining (WVM.V, WVMDF)
  673. Western Alaska Minerals (WAM.V, WAMFF)
  674. Western Copper and Gold (WRN, WRN.TO)
  675. Western Uranium and Vanadium (WUC.C, WSTRF)
  676. Westgold Resources (WGX.AX, WTGRF)
  677. Westhaven Ventures (WHN.V, WTHVF)
  678. Westward Gold (WG.CN, WGLIF)
  679. Westwater Resources (WWR)
  680. Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM, WPM.TO)
  681. White Gold (WGO.V, WHGOF)
  682. White Rock Minerals (WRM.AX, WRMCF)
  683. Winston Gold Corp. (WGC.C, WGMCF)
  684. World Copper (WCU.V, WCUFF)
  685. Xtierra (XAG.V)
  686. Yamana Gold (AUY, YRI.TO)
  687. Yellow Cake Plc. (YCA.L, YLLXF)
  688. Zacapa Resources (ZACA.V, ZACAF)
  689. Zacatecas Silver (ZAC.V, ZCTSF)
  690. Zijin Mining (2899.HK, ZIJMF)



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