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Independent View: Rick Rule, Sprott

by Lobo Tiggre
Friday, May 08, 12:00pm, UTC, 2020

Rick Rule has been hitting the airwaves hard recently, giving his thoughts on many subjects. I didn't always agree with everything he said, so I was glad to have a chance to interview him again myself and ask him some questions that have been on my mind. For starters, what happens to gold if we see meaningful deflation in the near term? And if we needed to see Japan restart more reactors before uranium prices rise, why are they rising so rapidly now, without anything changing in Japan? We also dug into silver, oil and gas, palladium and platinum, and more... but we started with: "Is the Crash of 2020 really over?"

Timestamps below. And if you find value in this interview, please do share the link!




00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:25 Is the Crash of 2020 over?
00:02:30 How long can the disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street go on?
00:06:15 How does a loan shark like you function in an environment when none of the models work and no on knows what will happen next?
00:09:50 So, you like gold because not being paid interest beats suffering negative interest...
00:12:40 Isn’t there a risk to gold prices from near-term deflation?
00:16:00 Do you have a gold price target?
00:18:00 Do you still expect new money in the gold sector to reach the majors first?
00:19:20 What about higher operating risks, post-COVID-19?
00:23:15 Do you buy the new swap-line argument against some of the majors?
00:25:28 Do you see silver in the same light you see gold?
00:27:20 Would you wait to buy silver stocks, then, or just go ahead and buy?
00:28:40 Do the high premium on physical bullion matter? How long do they last?
00:31:00 Speaking of the Sprott funds, are they all redeemable?
00:32:30 So, the difference is just which metal people want to own?
00:33:10 Uranium—what’s going on and is the rally sustainable?
00:35:45 The current uranium rally is just a blip?
00:37:20 But does resource waste really matter to a state-owned company like Kazatomprom?
00:40:00 Do you see uranium prices stabilizing above the incentive cost to miners?
00:42:40 Are you still a PGM bull?
00:44:25 Any other industrial metals interest you at present?
00:44:45 Okay, let’s talk about oil and gas...
00:46:05 So, when do low prices cure low prices in the oil patch?
00:48:20 Is there an easy way for non-loan sharks to play the oil patch?
00:50:10 What, specifically, are you putting your own money into now?
00:53:00 Are you buying any “optionality" plays?
00:54:15 When you say you’re buying, do you mean in private placements, or on the open market?
00:55:10 No private placements?
00:55:50 You rank portfolios of others, I publish my take on companies readers request—what should our audience do when you and I offer different guidance?
00:59:00 The value we get from the takes our audiences ask us for...
01:01:50 And people who give you their email address won’t get spammed?
01:03:20 This year's Sprott symposium will be taking place—but online?

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