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Gold Breakout: It’s Not Too Late

by Lobo Tiggre
Saturday, June 29, 10:01am, UTC, 2019

In January, I published a free report making the case for gold making a breakout in 2019. In it, I wrote:

“This confluence of bullish factors for precious metals is unique. Any one of them could push gold much higher. A combination seems more likely, with the potential for staggering speculative gains for those who see it coming.

“Regardless of how it plays out, buying gold and silver for safety and related stocks for profit could be the single most important decision you make for years.”

Within a month, gold rallied, rising from under $1,300 to above $1,340. I was pleased, of course, but also cautious. I’m an analyst, not a cheerleader. It’s my job to give my readers the most accurate guidance I can—whether it’s what they want to hear or not.

So, on February 19, I wrote:

“As encouraging as that is, it’s too early to break out the Dom Perignon. Precious metals have not gone any higher than we’ve seen in multiple rallies over the last few years—rallies that failed.”

I was right. Gold fluctuated downward for the next two months. It dropped to levels that seemed oversold to me.

On May 2, I wrote:

Gold is under greater pressure today, which seems overdone. Yes, I did just warn about a near-term correction in gold, but Fed inaction was not the risk I wrote about. Given that the Fed didn’t actually do anything, it seems to me that the odds favor a gold rebound in the near term.

I got that right too and gold popped right after that. But then it fluctuated again—for the wrong reasons, again—and I become even more convinced of my bullish thesis.

In my June 15 weekly digest, I wrote:

“Whatever the wording—and whether it happens this week or next month—the reality is that easier policy is bearish for the US dollar and bullish for gold…

“In short, the odds for gold to break out in the near term—perhaps even this week—look better to me now than they have for years…

“Are you ready?”

I nailed that.

Within days, gold went vertical and broke out to the multi-year highs everyone it talking about now—even mainstream investors.

But my job hasn’t changed. I’m still not paid to cheer on the horses we’ve bet on. I’m here to analyze the trends and call ‘em like I see ‘em.

In the June 21 weekly digest, I wrote:

“No champagne for me, yet.

“Indeed, I think some correction and consolidation in gold at this point would be quite normal—and healthy.

“Not everyone is in gold for the long haul. I’m certain that most of the paper gold traders who set the spot price in New York are just the opposite. A lot of these people will want to take profits now that they have them—of course they will.

“If gold corrects in the near term, it wouldn’t mean the rally is over.

“It would, however, be a great opportunity for those who didn’t see this rally coming.”

I was right again, on all counts. Gold dropped like a lead balloon on Friday June 28, based on nothing more than patently silly optimism. And that was an opportunity that paid off the following week, for those who took it, because gold went on to reach seven-year-0highs last summer.

Then when gold entered a period of correction and consolidation in September, I wrote:

"With the fundamentals unchanged—or more bullish than ever, if we look around the world today—there is something else I’m sure of: this correction is an opportunity worth taking."

And I put my money where my mouth is, buying shares I had on my shopping list. I have more gold and silver shares I hope to buy in early 2020, which I still see as the beginning of a great multi-year bull market for precious metals.

I’m telling you this because I hope you’ll see that I’m not simply a gold perma-bull who finally happens to be right. In fact, I cover other sectors, and may well have written more about uranium than gold over the last year.

And I make mistakes. My projections for cobalt prices in 2018, for instance, were wrong.

I don’t claim to have a crystal ball.

I do claim to be honest with you, and I strive to call the trends as accurately as I can.

This is important, because I don’t want you to dismiss me as a just another gold bug when I say I think it’s not too late to speculate on the gold rally ahead.

I’m convinced we’re at the beginning of the next major bull market for gold.

I think this is so important, I’ve updated my January gold report for the current context, outlining what to do next.

I will be doing the very same things described in the report. I fully expect them to make a lot of money for my readers and me. I sincerely hope it helps you make a fortune as well.



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