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A sobering Market Update from The Independent Speculator

by Lobo Tiggre
Monday, September 26, 02:00pm, UTC, 2022

Antonio from Resource Talks asked all the key questions about the impact of Fed action on markets, especially monetary metals and other commodities. We recorded this interview Friday, while I was still thinking of the US dollar's record break out and the havoc it is wreaking. (I'm in the first segment, after Antonio's intro.) If you didn't get Saturday's edition of the Speculator's Digest in which I published my conclusions, please use our Contact form to let me know, and I'll send it to you. Short version: near-term bearish. That may not be what anyone wants to hear, but if the goal is to make money (or lose less of it), the most rational, unbiased analysis is what we need to hear. Uranium bugs will be happy to know that "the other yellow metal" is the best near-term resource speculation I see in the markets today, bar none.



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