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The Economy, Gold, Uranium, and Tips from Master Speculators

by Lobo Tiggre
Tuesday, February 20, 03:00pm, UTC, 2024

This was my first appearance on The Money Levels Show. Darrell asked about the latest developments in the economy, but really wanted to focus on the opportunities I see in gold and uranium, specifically. The wrap-up, asking about the most important lessons I've learned from the master speculators I've been fortunate enough to learn from, was fun value-added.




00:00 – preview.
00:39 – intro.
03:54 – Recent inflation jump.
09:43 – Recession still in the cards?
20:06 – Gold outlook?
27:32 – Changed uranium oulook?
29:08 – The resilience of gold.
34:18 – ETFs vs. royaltiy/streamers.
41:06 – Insane uranium prices possible.
46:11 – Strategic uranium reserve?
48:00 – Silver outlook.
55:00 – Gold to silver ratio.
56:50 – Best advice from Rick Rule and Doug Casey.
59:35 – Wrap-up.


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