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What 'Flation Are We In—And What Does It Mean for Investors?

by Lobo Tiggre
Thursday, September 15, 09:00pm, UTC, 2022

Small Caps' Kerry Stevenson interviewed me on the day Queen Elizabeth II died, which was historic in several other ways as well. She started by asking me how investors are to make sense of these confusing economic times. From there, we got into my case for stagflation. We also covered Powell's appearance at the Cato Institute's monetary conference and how the dollar milkshake theory should turn into a positive factor for monetary metals. But also we set theory aside and spent most of the rest of the interview on what to do now. I don't pretend to have all the answers in uncharted waters, so I told her what I'm doing now with my own money (hint: build cash and selective buying of some of the great bargains already on the table).  Kerry was surprised to find that uranium is my highest-conviction near-term trade, so we dug a little deeper into that as well. This interview was recorded last week, but I think this guidance is holding up well with this week's volatility, and hope you find it useful.



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