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The Independent Speculator and Resource Talks Find Deep Value Along the Lassonde Curve

by Lobo Tiggre
Thursday, November 30, 12:00pm, UTC, 2023

This is the second installment of a deeper dive into the life cycle of an exploration company in which Resource Talks' Antonio Atanasov asks me many questions people have, but are shy to ask. This time, we move from discovery (part one) toward the "boring engineering study" phase. Despite that name and the common attitude it springs from, there's a lot of value to be found here for the savvy speculator.




00:00:00 — Do I sell on the Resource Estimate (MRE)?
00:08:20 — What am I looking for in an MRE?
00:13:55 — Continuity matters
00:19:19 — Do I even want the company to do an MRE?
00:22:20 — What's "too small to matter"?
00:28:05 — What are pitfall words that companies use?
00:29:50 — How do I look at strip ratios?
00:35:30 — How low is too low grade?
00:37:15 — What do I look for in resources?
00:40:50 — Quick recap
00:41:00 — What's too high of a market cap for an explorer?
00:49:00 — What are the risk stages? (MRE, PEA, PFS, DFS)
00:56:20 — What metrics do I look for in a PEA?
01:04:00 — What is a "land bank"?
01:09:13 — What are "good" PEA numbers?
01:15:10 — What's too expensive for a PEA stage company?
01:16:00 — What are penalty materials?
01:21:00 — Where can I learn more about metallurgy?
01:28:07 — Moving from PEA to PFS
01:29:14 — What's the best part of the Lassonde curve to invest in?
01:35:00 — Closing thoughts


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