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The independent Speculator on Reading the Fed Tea Leaves

by Lobo Tiggre
Tuesday, December 06, 07:00pm, UTC, 2022

Resource Talks' Antonio Atanasov asked me to put my Fed Whisperer hat on, so we talked more than I usually do about why the markets react with such apparent insanity to the tiniest nuances in FedSpeak. But the focus was on what it means for resource investors, based on the fed's goal and my appraisal of the outlook—not the Feds, which even the talking heads on mainstream financial media don't believe. As we often do, we ended up talking a lot about uranium. Antonio says he was averaging up while I was taking profits. I think our discussion of this is particularly valuable for all investors and speculators. But we also talked about gold, silver, copper, oil, and my take on commodities in general. My part starts at about 14:30. I hope you find it useful.



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