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Live Q&A with The Independent Speculator

by Lobo Tiggre
Saturday, April 08, 07:00pm, UTC, 2023

We just had a three-hour marathon Q&A session covering the economy, our markets, and many specific metals or minerals. Too much to summarize, so please see the time stamps below for details.

This is my very latest thinking on these subjects. I hope you find value in the recording.





Time stamps:

00:00:00 — Welcome

00:01:30 — My outlook today: bullish on gold and silver in the immediate future, then uranium, then oil, then copper and other industrial minerals later.

00:05:00 — Uranium is the exception to my caution about buying industrial minerals plays going into a deepening recession.

00:06:10 — Can silver really hit triple-digit prices?

00:09:30 — Why do I disagree with smart guys like Lacy Hunt who say we’re headed for a deflationary recession?

00:13:10 — My take on position sizes within our portfolios (Upside Maximizer).

00:19:00 — My take on platinum (and palladium) (don’t call them precious).

00:25:40 — Recommended books on mining?

00:27:40 — Is gold confiscation likely?

00:31:30 — Will there be a BRICS gold-backed currency?

00:37:30 — How to evaluate drill results from lithium and uranium explorers?

00:42:45 — Why the anemic inflows to gold ETFs with gold back over $2,000? Signs of peaking. Refers to this chart:



00:50:50 — Comments on bonds (TINA —> TARA).

00:54:00 — How to handle large positions that may go to zero (my biggest wipeout and what I learned, other examples).

01:01:40 — Am I surprised uranium stocks have been so weak?

01:07:50 — What do I mean by “the dollar is a dead man walking?”

01:10:45 — My take on antimony (and other oddball metals).

01:14:30 — My take on tin.

01:18:10 — This week’s volatility in gold, US economic stats…

01:25:50 — Do I have a favorite silver stock?

01:26:10 — Is natural gas a buy at $2?

01:29:10 — Where do I see the US dollar going relative to other currencies?

01:34:35 — My take on the In Gold We Trust report (digression into advantages of being a libertarian for investors).

01:38:05 — Rising political risk in Mexico.

01:45:25 — Will a stock market meltdown pull gold and silver down?

01:50:05 — Impact of rising costs on gold miners (inefficient market hypothesis).

01:54:45 — Will silver hit a new high anytime soon?

01:56:35 — If I was a 24-year-old with X to speculate with, would I go all in on gold, silver, and uranium stocks now?

02:02:25 — Is there an unacceptable ratio of Prove to probable mine reserves?

02:08:50 — My take on direct lithium extraction (DLE).

02:11:50 — My uranium thesis.

02:14:55 — My take on coking coal.

02:17:05 — Am I hiring?

02:19:25 — How do deal with the stress from market volatility?

02:24:20 — Why should I subscribe to My Take? Give me your best sales pitch!

02:28:15 — When will it be a good time to buy nickel stocks?

02:30:35 — Do I offer free trials?

02:33:45 — What is my cash position?

02:35:00 — My take on gold-oil, and other such ratios.

02:37:50 — Is there buying timing guidance in My Take?

02:40:45 — What would happen to the junior mining ETFs if Mexico does go ahead with its mining reform?

02:42:40 — Stacking silver in hard times…

02:47:00 — My thoughts on Germany dragging its feet on nuclear energy.

02:50:00 — Rumors about Mexico joining the BRICS alliance…

02:51:10 — My story about how my silver bullion saved my family.


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