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The Two Yellow Metal Portfolio for 2024

by Lobo Tiggre
Wednesday, February 07, 02:00pm, UTC, 2024

This first appearance on the Natural Resource Stocks podcast is more in-depth on a smaller set of subjects than most interviews. We covered the macro and then focused on gold and uranium, wrapping up with some How To ideas for investors and speculators.




00:00 Introduction to the Economic Landscape
00:00 Understanding the Concept of Soft Landing
00:34 Macro View of the Economy
00:59 The Role of Central Bankers in the Economy
02:21 The Impact of Policy Decisions on the Economy
03:10 The State of the Commercial Banking Sector
04:57 The Challenges in the Residential Banking Sector
06:14 The Power and Control of Central Bankers
08:04 Implications on Portfolio and Commodities
08:51 The Performance of Gold Stocks in a Recession
15:30 The Impact of a Recession on Energy
20:57 The Future of Energy and Industrial Metals
22:45 Uranium Market Analysis: Recent Trends and Developments
23:47 Understanding the Impact of Uranium Price Fluctuations
24:36 The Role of Kazakhstan in the Global Uranium Market
28:41 Investment Strategies in the Uranium Market
34:29 The Risks and Rewards of Uranium Stocks
34:43 Methodology for Investing in Mining Stocks
41:46 Strategies for Selling and Taking Profits
45:16 Final Thoughts and Contact Information


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