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Living Your Greatness Deeper Dive with The Independent Speculator

by Lobo Tiggre
Tuesday, June 15, 12:00pm, UTC, 2021

Living Your Greatness is a new financial podcast (audio only) geared for younger investors. This being the case, we took the time to go into explanations and methods, not just price forecasts and my latest takes on markets today. I think this may make it more useful to all sorts of investors, not just Millennials. But it also made it a bit long, so I’ve added timestamps for your convenience.




00:02:00 — My background, how I ended up working with Doug Casey.
00:06:45 — What macro factors do I track, and what technical tools?
00:11:20 — Is inflation transitory and how will it affect gold prices?
00:17:30 — Basel III, bullion banks, and metals prices.
00:21:55 — Potential for a market crash, and impact on gold.
00:27:10 — The changing relationship between the USD, interest rates, and gold.
00:33:25 — Why should millennial care about gold?
00:39:10 — Outlook for gold and silver prices for the rest of this year.
00:43:45 — Portfolio allocations vs. the hunt for great speculations.
00:48:00 — Investing in large producers, vs. mid-tiers, vs. juniors.
00:52:10 — Patience and the ideal speculation.
00:55:20 — Is uranium’s day in the sun finally arriving? 
00:57:55 — How to learn more about metals markets and speculation?
01:01:20 — My favorite commodities for 2021.
01:03:00 — Who is a future guest I’d like to see on the show?
01:04:00 — Where to find out more...



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