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ITP: Lara Smith, CEO, Molten Metals (MOLT.CN)

by Lobo Tiggre
Tuesday, February 28, 05:00pm, UTC, 2023

Antimony is not a metal many commodities investors or resource speculators know much about, but many countries have it on their "critical minerals" list. So when a junior company working in this space volunteered to brave The Pit with me, I thought it'd be interesting. It was, but does that make this oddball metal a solid basis for speculation? And even if so, why this company? I asked, on your behalf...



Reminder: I do not accept payment from issuers. I do these interviews free of charge to cover stories of interest to my readers. These interviews should not be seen as recommendations or endorsements. I try to ask the hard questions any investor should ask, but it's up to each of us to give careful thought to what we make of the answers. (No arm-twisting, but we do cover companies I interview in My Take.)


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