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Immediate and Long-Term Investment Implications of the New Iron Curtain

by Lobo Tiggre
Wednesday, March 09, 12:00pm, UTC, 2022

INN's Charlotte McLeod looked me up to discuss my take on the new Iron Curtain that's resulting from the war in Ukraine and the Western response. Whereas yesterday's interview with Kitco focused on the impact on gold, Charlotte branched out into silver, uranium, and other minerals and commodities. A particularly important part of the story we dug into was that even if The Powers That Be know how catastrophic it would be to stop buying energy from Russia entirely, the "bottom=up" ("self-sanction") activity we're seeing may result in a serious disruption anyway. And this affects far more than energy...

0:00 - Context
0:23 - Lobo's take on the broader markets
3:05 - War vs. sanctions and the "new Iron Curtain"
8:48 - Bottom-up approach to sanctions
13:50 - Gold rising, is it all due to Russia/Ukraine?
17:55 - Silver to outperform gold by percentage
21:07 - Impact of Ukraine nuclear plant scare
25:21 - Uranium supply picture during conflict
27:45 - How to invest right now and final thoughts



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