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The Independent Speculator and Mike Maloney on Silver and Gold, Part 2

by Lobo Tiggre
Saturday, April 13, 12:00pm, UTC, 2024

In this second part of my interview with GoldSilver's Mike Maloney we get into gold and silver stocks as a way to speculate on moves in the metals. The metals themselves, of course, are not speculations, nor even investments, but savings. For leverage on their apparent price appreciation (which is really a measure of the dollar's devaluation), the volatile mining and exploration stocks can deliver extraordinary returns—but that comes with risk, of course. As keen as Mike is on silver, that took us to the political risk in Mexico, which is such a key jurisdiction in the silver market. I'd say that Part 1 was more theoretical and Part 2 here is more practical. I hope you find it useful.



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