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Deep Dive on Market Hurricanes, Oil, Gold, Silver, Uranium, and More…

by Lobo Tiggre
Tuesday, June 07, 12:00pm, UTC, 2022

It’s funny, they call it The Deep Dive, but these interviews with Cassandra are more like speed-rounds on topics of the day, like Jamie Dimon saying there’s an economic hurricane on the way. In this one, we also covered the impact of the war—and more powerfully, the sanctions, the New Iron Curtain—on commodities going forward. The impact on food and energy prices are particularly important, and fraught with investment implications. I had to give my take on the trends in the prices of gold and silver as well, of course. And We couldn’t wrap up without covering uranium—and the potential for stocks of companies working on all my favorite commodities to go on sale if there’s a stock market crash this summer. I hope you find it useful.



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