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Deep Dive Live Q&A on Silver, Gold, Uranium, and Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coins

by Lobo Tiggre
Friday, October 01, 12:00pm, UTC, 2021

This live Q&A session with SmallCapSteve was a quick deep dive into key aspects of monetary and fiscal policy today and its consequences es for investors. We talked about why printing trillion-dollar platinum coins would be a cure worse than the disease, and why the bind governments (not just the US) are in makes me so bullish on silver, gold, and copper. We covered the breakout in uranium as well, with the difference there being that the fundaments for uranium are very strong regardless of monetary policy. Happily for me, we also got into the importance of disciplined speculation. The correction in uranium now being the latest example of something I urged audiences to wait for and make use of.
Ed. Note: I only participated in the first half of this show. The hosts carried on discussing other subjects after I left.



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