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IV: Egon Vorfeld, Swiss Wealth Manager on Investing in Today's War-Torn World

by Lobo Tiggre
Friday, June 10, 04:00pm, UTC, 2022

My old school chum, Egon the Swiss wealth manager, is back to share his (and his clients’) perspective on investing in today’s markets. How does one allocate rationally in a world shaken by the worst military conflict in many years—and the worst economic war in generations?




00:00 — Introduction
01:00 — European perspective on the (physical) war in Ukraine
06:15 — European perspective on the economic war with Russia
08:30 — OECD & World Bank cutting economic growth forecasts
09:45 — The real-world impact of high(er than CPI) inflation
12:00 — What Egon is doing with his portfolios
15:00 — How important are US economic developments to European investors?
18:30 — Why does anyone buy bonds ahead of the Fed’s massive selling?
23:15 —TINA thinking vs. high inflation
26:40 — What commodities is Egon buying? (Gold, silver, battery metals, uranium)
30:50 — Uranium thesis
35:00 — European perspective on nuclear energy (“We don’t need Germany.”)
39:30 — Current market fluctuations—crash or surge? (What’s already priced in?)
47:45 — Stock selection matters


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