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IV: Michael Gentile, Co-Founder, Bastion Asset Management

by Lobo Tiggre
Wednesday, December 29, 12:00pm, UTC, 2021

Bastion Asset Management's Michael Gentile spoke with me in this, my last interview of 2021. We did the obligatory look ahead into what to expect in 2022, but his outlook and investment style is longer-term than just one year, so we spend more time on where we are in the commodities super-cycle. We talked about gold and silver, oil, uranium, copper, and commodities overall. But we started with his background as a generalist investor and how he came to speculate in the junior gold and silver space. Don't be fooled by Mike's generally calm manner and lack of hype; he has very clear and strong expectations about the economy, our markets, and our investments that I found highly instructive--and entertaining.


Time Stamps:

00:00 — Introduction

03:00 — Leaning into experts to invest in multiple sectors

05:50 — Where we are in the commodities supercycle (fireworks haven't even started yet)

09:30 — Bitcoin is not Gold 2.0

12:30 — Why do traders keep selling gold on high inflation reports?

00:03 — What's the wake-up call?

20:00 — Care to say when?

24:40 — Is silver still a monetary metal?

28:15 — Outlook for other commodities... oil and gas

32:25 — Dr. Copper

00:03 — How to mitigate political risk in resource speculations (the gift of bear markets)

40:50 — Uranium

42:40 — How to diversify outside the resource sector at this time? (No NFTs)

45:30 — Anything else resource speculators should look out for? (Skin in the game)

49:00 — Happy and prosperous New Year


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