Grande Portage Resources

Grande Portage came across my desk during the COVID-19 lockdown period. On paper; it looks great: a million ounces of high-grade gold in pro-mining Alaska—with clear potential to get much larger. Unfortunately, subsequent drilling was slow, failed to reach several targets, and what hat hit was underwhelming (narrow and inconsistent). I decided to exit long before I sold. Frankly, I made the mistake of holding on longer than I should have, as gold was still near $2,000 and I was bullish that it would break out higher. Recently, the stock popped with no news from Grande Portage. Perhaps some other newsletter wrote the company up. Hard to say, but given the results thus far, it seems to me that the odds are long against a game-changing result that would make me wish I'd stayed long. To be clear, that's still possible. I'm just acting according to the odds as I judge them. The stock was up 50% for no good reason, so I took my reduced loss and have moved on.