Lundin Mining

Lundin Mining was an early pick for me, a sort of one-stop shop for "battery metals," as it produces nickel and cobalt as well as copper. It also had a nice gold lining and plenty of growth on tap. All of that is still true, but the company has run into more than its fair share of operational difficulties over the last year, including mine fatalities (and a photogenic sinkhole that was really not the big a deal, in my view). Of greater concern to me is the increased political and technical risk I see in the play after the most recent acquisitions. And finally, Lukas Lundin, long the driving force behind this company, is no longer with us. Being a copper bull, I'd intended to hold this much longer—and the company may yet deliver well for shareholders—but it's larger than I normally invest in and that mixed with the higher risk I see in the play no longer works for me.

I didn't actually lose money on this speculation, but given how long I held it, I don't count it as a win.

Moving on...