Orla Mining

I bought Orla as a pre-production sweet spot (PPSS) play. Things went almost optimally, with the company expanding the Camino Rojo oxide mine via a deal with the neighbors (Fresnillo), drilling off more copper and gold in the #2 project in Panama, and building the mine on schedule (and apparently on budget). However,  despite gold prices trading largely sideways, market sentiment in the gold space turned extremely bearish over this construction period. And so did Orla shares, with a great deal of volatility. As a PPSS play, that makes Orla a disappointment. As a new gold miner... it remains to be seen if the mine delivers as advertised, though it appears the company has done everything right. I call this "Max Q" for mining--maximum pressure as the new mine lives up to hopes, or doesn't. I opted to stay out of potential harm's way and will reconsider the company if it becomes a steady, profitable miner with excellent growth potential. (Remember that Camino Rojo has a far larger sulfide deposit under the oxides now being mined and there's a growing resource endowment in Panama as well.)