I see Cameco as the "go to" uranium stock for North American investors. As uranium attracts interest, this large producer that kept making money while almost everyone else shut down is an obvious destination for new investment dollars. It's a much larger company than I normally speculate on, but I bought last month because it went on sale for no good reason and I was bullish on uranium. That worked out extremely well, with the stock up over 50% in a couple weeks, as the new Sprott Physical Uranium Trust lit a fire under uranium prices. This worked so well, that it created a new problem; Cameco has hedges in place that helped them make money when prices were low, but are now liabilities at current and higher prices. I want to be clear that I still see this as a great company, but I also think it's likely to underperform until its hedge book is cleaned up. So I took the quick win (over 430% on an annualized basis), and have moved on. I remain very bullish on uranium.