I have a top commodity pick today, and it’s not what many people might think.

That was the subject of my talk at the just-concluded 2018 New Orleans Investment Conference.

What I like best about this speculation is that it doesn’t matter who wins the election. It doesn’t matter what happens with the trade war. It doesn’t matter if there’s a Brexit deal. And it most definitely does not matter whether Wall Street crashes or not. The fundamentals are so strong, I see only one outcome here.

I am, in fact, so bullish on this metal that I’ve doubled down on my top stock pick in the space.

I’m also researching a way to invest in the “bonus idea” mentioned at the end of my talk. Those who’d like to know how I’m deploying my own cash should, of course, subscribe to The Independent Speculator.

But the idea is simple and I’m happy to give it to you. And the slides below are pretty self-explanatory, so I thought I’d let them do the talking for those who could not make it to the show. Long time readers won’t be surprised, but I hope they will enjoy the thesis just the same.

Tuesday, November 6, 10:42am, EDT, 2018