I love my work. I love resource speculation. I love geology and the literal treasure hunt so many junior resource companies are on. I love the financial treasure hunt I engage in on various markets.

What hasn’t been so great is all the slippery characters I’ve met. There have been a few over the years who flat-out lied to me. But there were plenty who tried to buy my opinion. There were even more who spun the truth at almost every encounter.

So identifying people I can trust has been absolutely critical for me. The brokers below are all people I’ve known for many years. None has lied to me. None has tried to buy my opinion. And all of them have impressed me as straight shooters who know what they’re doing.

Full Disclosure

I should point out that Rick Rule is on my Board of Advisors. I should also say that I do not currently do business with all of these brokers. I do use Ben Johnson for my trades in Canadian stocks, and US trades for which I need a full-service broker. (That’s his personal email and cell phone number listed below, which he told me I was welcome to share with my readers.)

For simple stocks trades in the US, I use the free Robinhood.com service. (Yes, it really is free.)

For US Persons

For Canadians

I can’t tell you which broker is best for you. I can say that all of the above are people I have or am willing to do business with.

Thursday, June 7, 7:53pm, EST, 2018