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“Louis James turns mining speculating into genuine optimistic retirement hope.” 

Key to [Louis’] approach is the breadth and detail of his “boots-on-the-ground“ due diligence; indisputably unmatched in the business.

With a clear, concise and fact-based writing style, I have found Louis James’ equity research to be the most actionable and financially lucrative that I have utilized in 35 years of speculation and investment in the equity markets.

“With Louis I learn and see what’s a «10 Baggers»… it’s real big & fat profit if you can handle the volatility! Un grand merci pour tes excellentes recherches sur le terrain!” 

[E]ven the free writing you’re providing is top class, I’m sure it only get’s better in the Independent Speculator.

“Louis it’s your integrity. You can see it and how you conduct business and treat others.”

“Having known and followed his advice for 15 years, I can say that if your goal is to find a trusted, knowledgeable, experienced resource speculator, Louis James is your man.” 

[…] You earned the right to recommend potential speculations without question. I don’t believe you ever sold out for a company and I’m sure you had plenty of opportunity. In other words, you have proven to me, at least, that you have Integrity, a word I rarely use to describe anybody.

[Louis]’s not just an exemplar of virtue—which is critical in the rough and tumble financial business—but is technically excellent on the details of mining and exploration. You want him on your team in the bull market that’s developing.

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