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The Speculator’s Digest is our FREE educational service for investors who want to learn the art and discipline of successful speculation. Here you will find fresh ideas, market data, and relevant news almost daily. As the name suggests, a digest form of this information is available on an opt-in basis. Access to free educational reports and other special publications and media is included.

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    Filter out the noise with this highly selective feed of relevant and informative news and analysis for investors with a speculative bent.


    Links to free special reports ranging from “How To” manuals to in depth analyses of markets and investments.


    We’ve already published a list of recommended brokers and have more collections of useful links and other information planned.


    Our weekly email includes links to all of the above, so you don’t have to hunt for what interests you, nor risk missing out.


    Our weekly email includes market analysis, news and other fresh content not published anywhere else.

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    Free copies of special reports, guides, and other supplemental educational materials.


    Actionable analysis of real speculative investment opportunities.


    Audio and video interviews we conduct, drilling down to get valuable info from company executives, industry insiders, and other sources.


    Audio and video interviews conducted by others in which we give our latest outlook, ideas, and more.


    Our weekly email delivers the valuable info you want, and that’s it. We do not “spam” the list with a barrage of daily junk mail. Nor do we ever share, swap, rent, or sell our list to others.

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I really like your newsletter and the way you keep your members informed. I have been taking financial newsletters since Harry Browne, Doug Casey, and yours is the best by far, and that is saying something, because Harry Browne was very good. Doug was alright, especially when you were there. You are doing a good Job, thanks.