Watch legendary resource investor Rick Rule turn the “In The Pit” tables on me. He asked me why anyone should read my work when there are other long-established newsletters out there, what my greatest weaknesses are as an analyst, and why I missed big trends like the pot stock mania. And rightly so—I would have done the same. I had meant to cover precious metals and the new energy minerals as well, but Rick asked a lot of questions about the uranium market today, and then we ran out of time. But I’m sure we’ll do this again at the Sprott show this summer in Vancouver, as he pointed out towards the end of the interview. If you’d like to watch me drag CEOs into the pit live, or ask me your own hard questions, I do encourage you to attend. That sort of one-on-one time is what makes the conference so valuable. And for me, fun.

Friday, May 17, 2:22pm, EST, 2019