I’m writing this simple, straight-forward digest post to let you know that we’ve just launched a new entry-level service called My Take.

This monthly letter is designed specifically for people who are interested in our type of speculation, but who are not yet ready for a subscription to The Independent Speculator.

Yes, it’s a lot cheaper—but that doesn’t mean it’s nothing but fluff.

You see, of all the things people have asked me for over the years, my take on stocks that interest them is absolutely the most frequent. Unfortunately, regulations prevent me from giving individual advice. I can, however, discuss equities in front of large audiences at conferences—or publish my insights in a newsletter.

This is precisely the value My Take delivers to readers: concise analysis of interesting and notable equities.

The Independent Speculator is for those interested in more in-depth analysis, original market research, and constant guidance on market and company developments between editions. That—and finding out where I’m putting my own hard-earned money, of course.

But if you’re not ready for that, My Take can help you get started.

All my years of experience, my understanding of geology and markets, my connections in the industry—all of this and more are brought to bear to give My Take readers valuable guidance.

As usual, I’m not offering any phony “special” deals that “expire at midnight” or the like. (Whose midnight? How can offers made every day expire at midnight?) I’m simply offering a way for speculators to get started that’s priced low enough to not need any gimmicks.

I won’t even hide that in the fine print on page 27…

My Take is only $25 per month, or $250 per year.

Take it or leave it. No hard feelings.

But if you’ve ever wished you could get my take on stocks that interest you without having to fly to Vancouver or Toronto to ask me, this is a great deal for you.

You can find out more and subscribe by clicking the button below.



That’s it.

No arm-twisting.

Caveat emptor,

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Monday, August 5, 9:37pm, EDT, 2019