The Independent Speculator

is Beating the Market

and Creating Wealth

for Subscribers

In the midst of a “lousy” market, my readers and I were celebrating.

While others were trying to cut their losses, we booked a major win.

  • On April 17, 2018, as I prepared my inaugural edition of the letter, I bought 3,000 shares of SilverCrest Metals (SIL.V) at US$1.635.
  • On October 26, I sold my shares at US$2.59.
  • Including all fees and commissions, my profit was 55.4% in just six months.

This win handily beat the index most directly comparable to my portfolio, the S&P/TSX Venture Composite—which lost 19% within the same time frame.

I aim to deliver the same outperformance with all of my investments.

It won’t happen every time, but it’s started and I’m working hard to make it continue.

I hope you’ll join me to share in gains that beat the market. As the rest of the industry is struggling, I’m finding overlooked opportunities.

It has always been like this…

A Long-Term Winner

Had you put $10,000 into my ideas at the beginning of my career in 2004, you would have made $42,289 at the end of 2017.

…but an average speculator would have lost more than half of his or her capital.

At the end of these 14 years, my readers had more money in their pocket than the average Joe or Jane. Their portfolio was trimmed to just $4,858. My readers, on the other hand, had grown theirs to $42,289.

It has nothing to do with being lucky. It has everything to do with my method.

You could have been one of the readers who enjoyed this return.

But to join me back then—when I had zero experience—would have been a gamble. Today, it may well turn out to be your best rational speculation.

Because today is different. With the training, track record, and traction that I have in the mining industry, I can say with confidence: now is the perfect time to join me, to start building your own wealth.

How do I do it? Let me tell you.

Avoid the Asset Assassins

The first step toward financial success is avoiding killer mistakes. The “Asset Assassins,” as I call them, can kill your capital.

What are they? Well, how often have you…

  • Listened to the wrong people
  • … and overpaid for their services…
  • … which were not designed to create value for you?

You don’t need to answer. “When have I not?” is the most common reaction.

How do I fix this problem?

Let’s start with People.

How Do You Tell Who the Right Person Is?

Ask yourself:

  • Is their investment research available for free?

If so, it’s likely the companies they write about are footing the bill. As they say about the tech giants, if you’re not the customer, you are the product. This means this “research” is meant to create value for someone else, not you.

  • Are they trained to analyze stocks?

…or are they laser-focused only on selling you the subscription instead of serving you the best they can?

  • Do they market their services aggressively?

Hint: If you get “Breaking News”-like emails from your “analyst” daily, it’s a red flag.

  • Do they have a transparent track record?

…or do they keep flashing the same great-looking, historical numbers at you, implying that they represent the average return? I can’t stress this enough. Everybody who’s been picking stocks long enough can show you a big win. It’s the average that matters most.

The history of my closed positions is simple, backed by evidence the likes of which you’ll never see in this business—and it’s freely available to everyone. See for yourself.

  • Do they invest in their ideas themselves?

Talking about companies is one thing. Putting your own cash at risk is a different ball game.

Analysts who “manage” virtual portfolios should be paid in Monopoly money.

Those who put their own cash where their mouths are—have skin in the game—are the only ones to even consider trusting.

This is why it is so easy for me to answer this common question:

“If you are as good as you say, why don’t you just invest instead of writing newsletters?”

And my honest answer is:

“Of course I invest. I put my own money, the same money that supports my family, the most real money in the world to me, into what I write about. But sharing this with an audience increases my deal flow with the companies—it’s a win-win.”

This is how you find the right person to help you make investment decisions. They should…

  • be trained in approaching stocks and deals from the right perspective, and
  • be transparent about their own investing;
  • have a clear track record.

My track record speaks for itself.

It is the result of my training and decades of applying my method.

I call it the No-Shortcuts Approach.

I Don’t Take Shortcuts

I can boil it down to this very simple principle:

I do the hard work so you can reap the rewards friction-free.

What does this mean? It means…

  • I have been studying mining and resource financing for almost fifteen years.
  • Most of my studies took place in the field in over 60 countries of the world. I’ve flown over one million miles on my readers’ behalf. And counting.
  • My mentor, Doug Casey, is an industry titan, not a fly-by-night, self-appointed guru.
  • I have connections and friends across the global mining industry, from geologists to financiers to CEOs to brokers… This includes world-famous people, whom I can and do call upon.
  • Finally, the Hard Way produced an average annual gain of 18.5% during the 14 years I analyzed and wrote about stocks at Casey Research.

And now I’m ready to offer all my expertise, network, and access to you.

But before I do that, let me share a critically important point.

My No-Shortcuts approach will be easy for you to apply only if you stay disciplined.

Here’s what I mean…

Sticking to Your Guns When Things Go South

Few analysts will put their complete records in front of you. But I am not afraid of doing that.

This is how my calls have worked out so far. Remember the $10,000 investment I mentioned at the beginning?

Now let me direct your attention to one important thing. Something you will almost never see other analysts do.

I Don’t Sugarcoat Risks

In the chart above the black line (my performance) climbs and drops way more than the red one. These drops and upswings have a name: volatility.

But the end result is as great as it is because I stick to my ideas as long as they remain sound. Because of my conviction. Consider…

Would your trust in my method have faltered back in 2008 when I lost 44%?

Or in 2013, when my portfolio shed over a quarter of its value?

Or in 2015, when commodities were under pressure again?

If you hadn’t had the stomach for that, you would have bailed… at precisely the wrong time.

Because every down year was followed by a rebound:

  • in 2009–2010, we scored a 220% gain;
  • in 2013, I made 3%even as the market was falling;
  • in 2015, my subscribers made 10%. Average investors lost 25% in the same year;
  • in 2016–2017, my readers earned 93%.

Every crisis has the seeds of opportunity.

Every down year makes good stocks cheaper.

When a correction happens, I don’t bolt. I buy.

Because to sell high, you need to buy low. That’s the rule I’ve been adhering to since day one.

Discover what I’m buying today.

What I Am Buying 

As a subscriber, you will be the first to learn what and when I buy. And why. Each time I make a trade, I post proof for my readers to see. The Independent Speculator’s member area has dedicated pages where I show what I bought and at what price.

Subscribers can click on the “Evidence” link to check my full transaction history. Here’s an example, showing when I sold the stock mentioned above, which netted me 55.4% in six months.

I understand that this level of detail might be overkill. But it is my hope that as a reader, you will appreciate more transparency over less…

Because ultimately, I am accountable to you. Not to the companies I cover, nor any other interests.

Showing you what I invest in (as I do with my own money) is my way of being honest with my readers. With you.

Always-On Radar, Keeping You Up-To-Date

The companies I follow—I follow them well.

I promise to keep you up to date with all of their material announcements. To accomplish that, I need to constantly keep an eye on them myself.

Long-time readers know how quickly I update them when a company posts news worth commenting on.

These companies move fast… Nimble investors act quickly. They will find a way to profit from each development, even if liquidity is tight. You won’t want to wait too long.

A day feels like a week. Having to wait for a month until the next update could mean missing the financial boat.

You need to stay up to date constantly.

This is why my website features high-frequency Updates and Email Alerts.

They allow my readers to track their stocks easily.

I usually post analysis of significant developments within hours of the news hitting the wires.

I travel often, which sometimes means I can’t always respond as soon as I would like. But within 48 hours max, you’ll be able to know what I think of important news a company in my portfolio has released.

A batch of drill results that will change the game. A blowout economic study. A deal. Whatever it is, I’ll tell you what it means and what the investment implications are.

You will not need to wait for the next monthly issue of The Independent Speculator.

If it’s major news that can’t wait, you’ll get an email alert from me within 48 hours.

That’s at no extra charge. You won’t even need to log into the website.

This level of service is virtually unheard-of in the newsletter business.

Here is an example of an update I posted the same day one of The Independent Speculator companies announced great exploration results—as I predicted it would.

Each company in my portfolio has a timeline. You can track my transaction history and the history of its news with ease.

This is my goal: to make staying up to date with your speculations easy.

This feature alone is worth the price of my subscription.

Because let’s face it: occasionally, you’ll hear a good idea from a competitor.

But when it comes to following up on a company, they often leave you high and dry.

Because it’s hard. It’s a lot of work.

Yet it’s critical.

This is why I do it. Because I’m convinced that the only way to get ahead of the crowd is to be right, and be fast.

Value at the First Glance

This is what The Independent Speculator philosophy boils down to: working twice as hard as others to make speculating friction-free for you.

My readers don’t need to maintain dozens of bookmarks in their internet browser to stay abreast of their portfolios.

It all happens in one place.

My website’s Member Area is the epicenter of industry-leading research.

It’s a one-stop shop for both my premium notes and my educational materials.

It’s designed to help you understand what, when, and how to do to achieve extraordinary speculative profits.

…And There’s More to Come

Since I’ve gone independent, I’ve been working twice as hard as usual to deliver the best speculative experience to my readers.

And I already cover enough companies to offer new readers a good selection. A recent issue of The Independent Speculator featured four actionable ideas. Here is—you guessed it—my proof.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come next:

  • Conference appearances and in-person meetings—and with extra perks for premium subscribers.
  • Proprietary trading strategies—I’m working with some of the smartest people I’ve met to turn my insights into tradable strategies. Premium subscribers will get all of my findings, quantitative or fundamental, at no cost.
  • State-of-the-art risk-management tools—powered by both data and common sense. Designed to make speculators’ lives easier and richer.
  • Mobile application(s)—I want to deliver you the highest-quality experience. Over time, I will introduce apps that will make getting new ideas and tracking material news even easier—and faster. I’m laying groundwork for it already.
  • …and more…

My goal is to overwhelm you with value—not hyped promotions.

The mission of The Independent Speculator is to make a lot of money for savvy investors who value quality work over flashy noise.

If you demand nothing less than the best,

If you want to have a prime investing experience,

I’m making that happen right now.

Missing out is not an option. Please join me now.

Here is what speculators are saying about me and my approach:

Doug Casey, my mentor and international speculator:

[Louis]’s not just an exemplar of virtue—which is critical in the rough and tumble financial business—but is technically excellent on the details of mining and exploration. You want him on your team in the bull market that’s developing.

Jacques G., Speculator:

Louis James turns mining speculating into genuine optimistic retirement hope.

John L., Speculator:

[…] You earned the right to recommend potential speculations without question. I don’t believe you ever sold out for a company and I’m sure you had plenty of opportunity. In other words, you have proven to me, at least, that you have Integrity, a word I rarely use to describe anybody.

Dan C., Speculator:

Louis, it’s your integrity. You can see it and how you conduct business and treat others.

Jim G., Speculator

Having known and followed his advice for 15 years, I can say that if your goal is to find a trusted, knowledgeable, experienced resource speculator, Louis James is your man.

Thomas M., Speculator:

Key to [Louis’] approach is the breadth and detail of his “boots-on-the-ground“ due diligence; indisputably unmatched in the business

With a clear, concise and fact-based writing style, I have found Louis James’ equity research to be the most actionable and financially lucrative that I have utilized in 35 years of speculation and investment in the equity markets.

There are thousands of others. Speculators from all corners of the world whom I was proud to serve over the years. They are joining my new venture and have started profiting from it.

So join us. Become an independent speculator today.

Onward and upward.