Ross Gerber is an investor and wealth manager with almost a billion dollars in assets under management from some 6,500 clients. He understands gold, and understands the importance of central bank shenanigans like negative interest rates. But he also invests in mainstream equities like Warren Buffett, which puts him outside the gold bug echo chamber. So I had to ask, how does he sleep at night? His answer was quite interesting.


00:00:  What Gerber Kawasaki Does
07:20:  How can you help 6,500 people with their individual needs?
09:20:  The danger in passive investing (ETFs)
11:30:  It’s still human judgment in charge
13:00:  What’s your track record?
15:00:  “I like gold.”
16:45:  How do you sleep at night owning mainstream stocks?
18:55:  Aren’t equity valuations generally high?
21:25:  Are the latest blow-ups the Death of the Unicorn?
23:40:  Is Wall Street discounting global geopolitical risk?
27:45:  Do you have skin in the game with your clients?


Thursday, November 14, 8:51pm, EST, 2019