Gold just broke out of its 5-year trading range and smashed through the $1,400 level. But will it last? What’s next? How do we know? And how do we speculate for maximum gain? Those are some of the questions we discussed in our Saturday, June 29 live Q&A session. But our readers aren’t one-track-minded gold bugs, so the conversation strayed to other other topics, including: silver, uranium & Section 232, helium, how to evaluate resource opportunities, online materials, who are the best explorers today, water as a commodity, how I decide to apportion my own portfolio, and more. The result was both fun and educational. (Timestamps below.)


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0:00:00 Welcome
0:00:50 The psychology of the breakout—mine and yours
0:03:10 Breakout factors: the “new normal” in fiscal policy can’t last 
0:05:10 Breakout factors: we’re coming off a bottom, not a peak
0:07:55 Breakout factors: this is not 2008
0:12:50 Is there a course that teaches resource stock evaluation?
0:16:25 Is there an online, searchable database for mineral projects?
0:18:40 Could gold drop back again, and what might cause that?
0:20:55 Nervous about deploying cash in a rising price environment?
0:24:30 When will silver catch up with gold?
0:28:30 What’s the best portfolio allocation among company types?
0:30:50 “Success in progress” exploration, PPSS, royalties.
0:34:00 Puerto Rico tax breaks.
0:36:00 My take on uranium.
0:37:30 My take on helium.
0:39:45 Do I still compare notes with Doug and others at CR?
0:42:40 My take on Section 232.
0:45:10 Are today’s low-margin producers more leveraged speculations?
0:48:40 Are high debt levels in mining a concern?
0:51:55 What top people in the sector do I follow?
0:55:00 My take on cobalt and other new energy minerals.
0:58:35 My take on technical analysis.
1:03:10 Key factors in evaluating mining stocks.
1:05:20 Will royalty plays underperform?
1:08:00 Will gold be confiscated again?
1:11:30 Are cryptocurrencies holding the price of gold down?
1:15:10 My take on water as a commodity to speculate on.
1:18:20 Is there a preferred ratio of producers to explorers in my portfolio?
1:19:35 What’s my exit strategy for my uranium investments?
1:24:30 My take on agriculture-driven speculations.
1:25:40 My take on hydrogeochemistry as an exploration tool.
1:27:40 My take on 3x leveraged ETFs.
1:30:10 Would I short uranium if it spiked beyond reason?

Saturday, June 22, 4:23pm, EST, 2019