CanAlaska’s Pewter Dasler sent me a message, pointing out that his company’s stock was on sale, despite positive uranium exploration drill results. I sympathized, but pointed out that uranium is one of the most hated commodities on earth right now, and that few investors are interested in exploration at a time when producers are shutting down. But that got me to thinking, I’m a contrarian, and I like it when something necessary is despised by the market. So I invited Peter to make his case, as long as he didn’t mind me asking the hard questions.

00:00: Overview (Cameco hits on 10 holes, but elects to stay at 30%, CVV now drilling)
03:15: What makes you think you’re getting closer to a feeder zone?
04:45: Could CVV’s discovery connect to the Fox Lake deposit next door?
06:00: Indications of size
08:35: Why should anyone buy your exploration stock when producers are shutting down?
10:55: Okay, but why your exploration play when others have deposits much closer to surface?
15:15: Why did your stock drop after your latest drill results?
17:15: But did the hole hit what it was hoped it would?
19:45: So you haven’t found your deposit yet, you’re still vectoring in?
21:45: Overview of the nickel and other projects.
26:20: So, what’s next, how much will it cost, and how much do you have in the bank?
28:00: Monetization of assets vs. JV options vs. financing.
32:00: If uranium remains in bear mode, would you finance and keep going anyway?
33:50: How much skin do you have in the game with CVV investors?

Friday, November 15, 7:48pm, EST, 2019