Howe Street’s Jim Goddard was ready with a bunch of hot topics for this interview, including:

01:00:  The opportunity in this week’s gold correction
03:15:  Has the breakout of 2019 left the juniors behind?
06:30:  My take on political risk today in British Columbia, Canada
08:30:  Pine beetle devastation increasing the need for mining jobs in BC
10:15:  Earnings season should be good for precious metals stocks
13:30:  Takeaways from the New Orleans Investment Conference
15:30:  Will younger people ever become resource investors?
18:30:  Younger people’s attitudes about government
20:05:  The latest on uranium
23:40:  Peak oil, outlook for the new energy minerals
27:50:  Transition to electric vehicles not limited to cars
29:10:  Tax Loss Season is coming

Thursday, November 14, 11:35am, EST, 2019