I just had a great interview with Bill Powers at MiningStockEducation.com that was all about becoming a more successful speculator:



The value here is that Bill asked only questions aimed at educating investors.

He didn’t ask a single question about the trade war, what Trump will do about uranium, or any other fleeting issue.

That makes this a unique interview for me, and I hope it will be useful to you.

Bill also took the time to add time stamps for the convenience of listeners interested in different topics:


0:05 — Introduction

2:05 — Meaning of the name ‘Independent Speculator’

7:20 — Portfolio percentage breakdown of speculative stocks vs. safer assets

11:40 — Human psychology and successful speculation

15:36 — Timing the bottom of a trend

17:45 — Investing in exploration stocks

21:45 — Investing in late-stage development companies

26:15 — Discussing why mine-builders fail

31:07 — Opportunities in resource stocks today (market outlook)

Of course, with gold having just broken out in a big way—just as I said it was likely to do—I think this is a good time to put this sort of education into practice. On that score, if you haven’t ready my updated case for precious metals this year, I strongly encourage you to download my free report on gold in 2019.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy—and profit from—Bill’ excellent interview.

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Wednesday, July 3, 12:17pm, EDT, 2019