I refuse to call it “Due Diligence for Dummies,” because I know my readers are anything but. I never liked that terminology for entry-level texts, anyway. Hence the train wreck of a title above.

But I do want to help those who can’t travel and kick the tires (or rocks) on investment opportunities the way I do. So here’s quick a list of do-it-yourself ideas that every speculator can employ at home:

One more thing: you don’t have to stay at home. If you’re an investor or a potential investor, you can sometimes get included in a due diligence trip the company itself puts together. They usually have only enough room for analysts and major investors, but sometimes they book a bus or a plane that’s larger than needed for their main guests, and they may let others join the trip. All you have to do is ask when you speak with management.

I plan to expand this into a more detailed How To report in the future. For now, this brief should be enough to help those just getting started.

Good luck, and happy hunting.

Thursday, May 31, 10:08pm, EDT, 2018