I didn’t know that Todd here is a geologist when he RSVPed for our just-completed due diligence trip. Turns out he works for a large geophysics company and knows more about that than I likely ever will. But he still found value in our rock-kicking across several western states, and was willing to say so on the record.

Thanks Todd! 

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Ed. Note: We literally stopped on the side of the road to record this, as we were parting ways with Todd that evening. Unfortunately, there was a lot of wind, and it made some loud noises in the recording. In hope of saving your ears, we’ve provided the transcript below. If you’d like to join Todd in subscribing to The Independent Speculator, you can do so clicking here.

My name is Todd Woodford.

I’m a subscriber to The Independent Speculator.

I recently went on a due diligence trip with Lobo Tiggre, here in Nevada. We visited several projects, including some gold prospects, also vanadium prospects.

For me, there was a lot of value on this trip. I learned a lot about the industry. I learned a lot about how due diligence is done, the type of questions that are asked—sometimes hard or difficult questions. I also learned a lot about the geology of the projects I’m interested to invest in.

For me, it was a very positive experience. I learned quite a bit. So… Thank you Lobo.

Saturday, June 15, 9:34pm, EST, 2019