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Welcome to the Independent Speculator Affiliate Program
We’re happy to share revenue with those who help us make sales. Our affiliate program:
1] Uses cookies to track sales you initiate. That can happen whether or not clients sign up right away, as long as the client signs up using the same device within 360 days.
2] Gives you credit even if clients arrive at our website from competing affiliates, as long as you were the first to send them to us.
3] Pays out monthly, with the following percentages of first-year sales, based on the number of sales:
30% for 1-10 sales
40% for 11-50 sales
50% for 51-100 sales
60% for 101-500 sales
70% for 501-1,000 sales
80% for 1,001+ sales
4] Automatically increases the revenue sharing the more sales an affiliate generates. Whether you start small or large, the more sales you send us, the more you make.
5] Is cumulative and the counter never resets. That means that whenever you reach the next level of affiliation, we’ll increase your percentage of revenue, whether that takes days, months or years.
Please register here to get started. We will approve your affiliate account ASAP, and get you started. Let us know if you want help with banners or if you have any questions.
We’re keen to work with you.
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