In order to combat spam and hackers, we are installing software upgrades that will need testing. These tests will be conducted tomorrow night, July 22. Our website will be offline for periods during the evening.

Also, note that our site uses cookies and other data that changes with software updates. If you experience any difficulties logging in or accessing our content, it will be likely that some piece of old code in your web browser’s memory cache is conflicting with our updated code. Emptying your browser’s memory cache and then reloading our pages should clear this problem.

How you do this depends on your browser:

In Apple Safari, you press the Option, Command and E keys simultaneously. 

Click here for MS Internet Explorer instructions.

Click here for Google Chrome instructions.


If you use another browser, you can search for “How to clear memory cache in BROWSERNAME” to find instructions.

In general, if you ever have trouble accessing our content, clearing your browser’s memory cache is usually the cure.

Please “pardon our dust” while we upgrade to serve you better.


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Sunday, July 21, 2:46pm, EDT, 2019